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Jan 30 2016
by Taylor Lang

10 Exotic Plants You Should Have In Your Dorm

By Taylor Lang - Jan 30 2016

Flowers are always pretty. But, imagine having really cool exotic plants living in your dorm!  Whether it's cold and snowy or warm and sunny, these featured plants will make your dorm unique and vibrant. Plus, check out how plants can help improve your mood, especially in the winter!

1. Venus Flytraps


Venus flytraps are unique plants in that they are carnivores. Even though this plant is widely known for how cool it is, what most people do not know is that you do not actually have to feed the traps. They get most of their nutrients and energy from sunlight and water.  They prefer direct sunlight and moist soil continuously, but other than that, they are relatively easy to care for. You can buy science kits that have venus flytraps for less than $15.

2. Aloe Plants

Aloe vera plants are very easy to care for. They only have to be watered once every week in the summer and every other week in the winter. The leaves help with small scratches and burns, which is a reason that aloe is usually in a lot of cooling gel for sun burns. These plants can be gotten online for less than $15, too. They are cool and cheap!

3. African Violet Guppy Plants

These plants are named "Guppy Plants" because they look like little goldfish, so for those of you who want fish in your dorm, this is the next best thing! They just need to be kept in shaded light and watered whenever the soil looks dry. Guppy Plants are cheap, too. Usually they can be found online for under $10.

4. Bromeliad Plants


Bromeliads are tropical plants that grow well indoors. They come in a variety of colors, making them a great choice for anyone who likes to brighten things up! They need to be watered about once a week, but cannot be overwatered. Since they prefer humidity, they need a little more care. This would include a spray bottle to use for misting every other day to keep the humidity higher. They can be bought online for under $20.

5. Christmas Cacti

Christmas Cacti flower in the winter, making them a bright addition to any dorm that seems dull in the (maybe) snowy months. This is a tropical cactus, not a desert one, so a little more care is needed. It should be watered every couple of days when the topsoil gets dry, and the leaves should be misted with a spray bottle lightly when it is watered. They cost around $5 online.

6. Bamboo Plants

Bamboo rocks as an indoor plant because of how unique the different bamboo plants are. They come in all different pots, and some have straight stalks while others curve!  They are supposed to bring good luck and prosperity to those who live in the room where it grows. Being very easy to maintain, they are great dorm plants.  They only need to be watered about once a week. They can be found online for under $15.

7. Flaming Sword Plants

Flaming sword plants are extremely colorful and known not only for their beautiful flowers, but also for their striped leaves. These plants are a lot like the bromeliads, and so they have the same care instructions. Keep the soil moist, don't overwater, keep in indirect sunlight, and mist the leaves to keep the humidity up. They are more difficult to find online, but can be found at local markets in warmer places.

8. African Violet

African violets come from the same family as the Guppy Plant. They need a lot of the same care. The soil has to be kept moist, so it should be watered about every two to three days. Other than that, this flower is very easy to care for! They can be found online for less than $10 in many different color varieties of white, purple, pink, and red.

9. Hibiscus Plants

Hibiscus are tropical flowers that are beautiful and add life to any dorm room. They need their soil to remain moist, so they should be watered every couple of days. Since they are tropical plants, it is a good idea to spray the leaves and flowers lightly with water to maintain humidity. They come in incredible variations of colors and can be found online for under $10.

10. Anthurium

Anthurium plants are also tropical. Their colors range over a multitude of bright varieties, and the texture of their flowers make them unique. They grow best in indirect sunlight and moist soil that is watered every couple of days. They can be bought online for under $10.

All of these plants are unique, vibrant, and would add character to any dorm room! Plus, as college kids, it is nice to know that they are cheap and easy to maintain.

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