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Feb 27 2016
by Taylor Lang

A College Student Recreated The Weasley Clock From Harry Potter and It's Really Cool

By Taylor Lang - Feb 27 2016

A Duke University senior, Trey Bagley, created his own version of the Weasley clock from Harry Potter using technology from cell phones and computer science, reported Buzzfeed.

Just like a lot of other people, Bagley and his family are huge Harry Potter fans. He decided that he wanted to create this clock as his family starts to go off in separate directions and they all get older. (Because group chats are so 2015).

In an innovation co-lab, Bagley learned from one of his professors how to program particle photons (a microcontroller for wifi). All of the family phones were connected to an old antique clock using GPS. One of the cool things is that each person can set up parameters of where they want to be seen, so it's not super invasive.

Trey Bagley via Imgur
Trey Bagley via Imgur

Bagley brought the clock home as a Christmas present for his family, and it remains a constant conversation starter in his house.

Trey Bagley via Imgur

So many people have asked Bagley about making more clocks to sell to people, but he decided that he wanted to share his love of learning instead. He posted the code that he used for the clock online in order to inspire everyone else to make their own versions. So you too can make a family-tracking wizard clock! 

Trey Bagley via Imgur

So if you thought you were a big Harry Potter fan, the bar has just been raised. Time to go program some particle photons.  

Lead Image Credit: Trey Bagley via Imgur

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