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Aug 22 2016
by Taylor Lang

Is Your School One of the Top Millionaire-Producing Schools?

By Taylor Lang - Aug 22 2016

Why do we go to college? For most of us, it is to get a degree in order to find a job in this big world. We want to find a job that allows us to pursue our passions, yet also earn us enough money to live comfortably. An even better idea is to become a millionaire!

According to Teen Vogue, U.K. data provider WealthInsight and Elite Traveler Magazine have produced a list of the top 50 colleges in the world that create millionaires. CNBC says it's time for a fist pump - America holds 31 of the 50! Even in the global top 10, the USA held 8 spots!

There is a strong, positive correlation between colleges with high educational standards and their ranking in the world.

"The U.S. has more millionaires than anywhere else in the world, so it is no surprise to see the Ivy League schools on this list," head of WealthInsight, Oliver Williams, said in a news release accompanying the report on Thursday.

Here are some of the universities that made the global top 10:

Harvard (Global Spot #1)

Muns via Wikicommons

Alumni from Harvard include President Barack Obama and former President John F. Kennedy. This school has produced the most millionaires of any school in the world.

Harvard Business School (Global Spot #2)

John Phelan via Wikicommons

It is very interesting that Harvard is so good at creating millionaires that it takes the first 2 spots in the world.

Stanford University (Global Spot #3)

Jawed via Wikicommons

Even though Stanford is not an Ivy League, it is well-known for its strong commitment to academics, making it a strong contender. Congrats on making the list and beating out some of the other Ivy Leagues.

The University of California (Global Spot #4)

David Eppstein via Wikicommons

The fact that a public university made this list shows California's drive for higher education when it comes to their students.

Columbia University (Global Spot #5)

Beraldoleal via Wikicommons

Go NYC Ivy League!

Oxford (Global Spot #6)

Kaihsu Tai via Wikicommons

No one would deny the ability to go to the U.K. for college and have a strong chance at becoming a millionaire.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology (Global Spot #7)

Meutia Chaerani via Wikicommons

We all knew this one would be on the list!

New York University (Global Spot #8)

Jean-Christophe via Wikicommons

Not only is this campus beautiful, it also is directly in the city for those who love all the diversity of NYC.

Cambridge (Global Spot #9)

Christian Richardt via Wikicommons

Right on a river, this campus also hosts multiple music festivals throughout the year!

Commenting on the findings, Spear’s editor Josh Spero said: 

Entrepreneurs, who ultimately end up being the wealthiest in the world, are innovators, and the top subjects are those which encourage new and smart thinking, whether technical or financial. But it’s also no surprise to find that the brightest people, who go to the best universities, often leave their degrees behind and go into high finance to seek their fortune.

Oliver Williams of WealthInsight added: 

You would expect to see a high number of scientific or financial degrees in the top 10, like engineering, commerce and accounting. Numerical degrees are a notable advantage when it comes to amassing a personal fortune. But, interestingly, few of these degrees turn out to be outright vocational; most engineering graduates, for example, are not engineers but entrepreneurs. The same goes for most law and politics graduates, who owe their fortunes not to practicing their professions but climbing the ranks of the financial services sector.

You can see the entire list here.

So, those who want to be millionaires have a few choices:

1. Go to one of these schools! (This is going to take a lot of work, all nighters, and coffee, but it will be worth it.)
2. Marry someone who goes to one of these schools! (This will take less work on your part, but more patience for your significant other.)
3. There is still a chance that you will win the lottery! (Good luck.)
4. Take the entrepreneur route and use your creativity to make something to benefit the world! (Personally, I suggest this route.)

Not all of us can be millionaires, and most of us will live truly happy lives without ever having that much money, but it is a nice thought to know that being a college student in the U.S. gives us a better chance at that possibility.

Lead Image Credit: John Phelan via Wikimedia Commons

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Taylor Lang - Syracuse University

Taylor is a Broadcast and Digital Journalism Major at Syracuse University's S.I. Newhouse School of Public Communications. She started writing and editing as a freshman for Fresh U. From there, she began to help create and expand the News and Multimedia Departments. When not doing something relating to journalism, she LOVES Disney and reading while sipping hot tea. She hopes to inspire others to follow their passions and do what makes them happy.

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