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Mar 17 2016
by Taylor Lang

Does Your College Have The Poorest Alumni?

By Taylor Lang - Mar 17 2016

Well...this is depressing. Start Class has created a list of the twenty-five colleges with alumni who make less than the average high school graduate.

Remember that this is only on average and does not mean that these schools are horrible.  But, the statistics show that only three of these schools have tuitions that are lower than the median annual salary of an alumni six years after graduation. Going to these schools can equate to a lot of debt.

The median earnings for different education levels are as follows:

                       Bachelor's degree: $48,500

                       Associate's degree: $37,500

                       High school completion: $30,000

                       Less than high school completion: $23,900

And now for a very sad countdown of schools with the poorest alumni:

Start Class

For anyone who goes to one of these schools, don't fret. There are plenty of options. If you love your school, enjoy the four years and deal with figuring out the specifics of your career later. If the possible amount of debt worries you, maybe considering transferring to another school you like. No matter the reputation of the school, just do what makes you happy.

Lead Image Credit: Wikicommons

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Taylor Lang - Syracuse University

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