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Feb 24 2016
by Taylor Lang

Consent on Campus: A Nightline TV Event

By Taylor Lang - Feb 24 2016

As sexual assault continues to be a prominent subject on college campuses, “Nightline,” on the ABC Network, has created an event called “Consent on Campus” in order to bring awareness to what is being done to counter what's happening on campuses.

Some of the specific topics that will be covered throughout the event are the common questions that are plaguing different universities: What qualifies as consent? Does yes truly mean yes? And what are colleges doing in order to make sure that their students are well educated in this topic to keep them safe?

There will be multiple different speakers from various viewpoints on the subject to round out the discussion. As college students, it is always important to be aware of what is going on both on our campus and other college campuses, for the safety of ourselves, our friends, and our peers.

Tune in to “Consent on Campus” tonight at 12:35 am ET on ABC or watch it after it airs online (since sleep is important, too) to stay up to date with this important topic.

Lead Image Credit: ABC News

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