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Apr 09 2016
by Taylor Lang

Columbia University Students Protest A Statue

By Taylor Lang - Apr 09 2016

Columbia University students are protesting the installment of a sculpture by abstract artist Henry Moore on their campus because it is “hideous.” HuffPost College is reporting that there is a petition that is 1,200 signatures strong, and a sit-in was scheduled for March 31.

Brian Monzo via Facebook

A group of people against the sculpture wrote an op-ed on March 30 in the school newspaper:

Moore’s Reclining Figure “is meant to suggest the form of a woman with her legs outstretched before her, propping herself up with her forearm.” It also, we submit, suggests a dying mantis or a poorly formed pterodactyl. The sculpture is so repulsive that when thieves stole Moore’s original cast, valued at £3 million, they literally chopped it up and sold it for scraps.


Other news outlets, such as the Guardian, are mocking the protests for their subject matter:

A historic six-day campus occupation at Columbia University in 1968 saw 700 people arrested and pushed the school to cut ties with institutions supporting the Vietnam war. More than four decades later, 1,200 Columbia students are fighting a different sort of battle: one against the placement of a “hideous” Henry Moore sculpture that they say looks like “a poorly formed pterodactyl.”

The protest isn't just because the statue is ugly, though. Many of the students don’t want the statue to take up some of the sparse lawn space on campus. Others think that the funding should be used for a 24-hour rape crisis center instead.

Students want to be able to enjoy their campus, so it is understandable as to why they wouldn't want a really ugly and huge stature right in the middle of a lawn section that they could spend time on when it is nice out. And, as students, there are a lot of other ways that the campuses can spend money that would benefit us more. 


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