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Jun 14 2016
by Taylor Lang

Columbia University No Longer Requires SAT Subject Test Scores

By Taylor Lang - Jun 14 2016

The dreaded SAT. We all hated it. We studied for it, and then had to wake up super early in order to sit there and take the exam for hours on end. It was so nerve-wracking; it determined where we got into college. A lot of the harder colleges to get into require even more tests that are specific to individual school subjects. According to Inside Higher Ed, this additional stressful process is no longer needed to get into one of the country's most prestigious universities.

To get in to a lot of prestigious colleges, you have to take additional SAT subject scores on top of the SAT and ACT; all of these scores are handed in and are a major part of the acceptance process. Columbia University decided that they would no longer require the SAT subject tests nor the writing portions of the SAT and ACT tests.

To see the list of colleges that still require them, click here.

Hopefully, this trend will continue with other colleges, as universities begin to take a more holistic approach to admissions instead placing such an importance on test scores. The subject tests cost additional money to take and send, plus, there is a lot of time that goes into all of these things that could be spent doing better things. No one wants to sit in a classroom taking a test if they don't have to!

Lead Image Credit: Photograph of Butler Library, Columbia University's largest single library; JSquish via                                                       Wikimedia Commons

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