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May 17 2016
by Taylor Lang

College Students Could Potentially Get Diplomas From Companies Like Google and Facebook

By Taylor Lang - May 17 2016

Can you imagine getting a degree from Facebook or Google? The UK is changing their education system, according to The Next Web. Large corporate companies could technically set up their own educational institutions and award students with degrees!

The paper, called Success As A Knowledge Economy, wants to cause a change in the way education is done in the UK.

The paper also aims to create schools that will push students to challenge themselves and think differently in this world. It is important, the writers believe, to promote rival institutions to the schools that have been kept solely on tradition.

The paper says:

There is no compelling reason for incumbents to be protected from high quality competition. We want a globally competitive market that supports diversity, where anyone who demonstrates they have the potential to offer excellent teaching and clears our high quality bar can compete on a level playing field. If we place too much emphasis on whether a provider has a long established track record, this by definition will favour incumbents, and risks shutting out high quality and credible new institutions.

To read the entire PDF, click here.

It is important to note that none of the businesses responded or placed any statements in the report, but many government officials believe that it will allow students to have a wider range of access to a higher education.

I don’t know about you, but I would love to go to a school in Britain, so it is a bonus to have the possibility to go to a school created by Google! Unfortunately, for those of us already in college, it might be a little late.

Lead Image Credit: Google; Eduardo Woo via Flickr Commons

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