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Jun 02 2016
by Taylor Lang

College Chancellor Angers People By Scrolling On His Phone During Commencement

By Taylor Lang - Jun 02 2016

Chancellor Bruce Leslie angered lots of people when he spent 40 minutes during commencement scrolling through his phone, according to Inside Higher Ed.

Inside Higher Ed

He is not the only professor or faculty member to show rude behavior towards students and parents during different events. Some professors would take phone calls during classes, while others would take class time to do personal things.

“It goes without saying that faculty and administrators should be held to the highest standards of comportment and professionalization,” said Kelsky, of The Professor Is In. “They are the face of the institution and its ideals and standards, for heaven's sake.”

Academic professors and faculty set the tone for colleges and for their institutions, so if they are not taking the time to congratulate and celebrate their students, then it begs the question: Do they care? 

So the obvious question is: if the ceremony is really so tedious, then why do it at all? Why come? Why not change it so that people actually want to be there, in the moment, actually celebrating their achievements?”

You would think that it would be that the faculty was having problems with the graduates on their cell phones, but it is the other way around. Let's hope that those on stage take heed of this and see the importance of being aware and polite while on stage at commencement.

Lead Image Credit: Inside Higher Ed

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