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Apr 21 2016
by Taylor Lang

These Fake College Acceptance Letters Share An Important Message About Sexual Assault

By Taylor Lang - Apr 21 2016

“Unacceptable Acceptance Letters” is a campaign that is sweeping the country. According to Huffington Post, advertising agency Goodby Silverstein & Partners and production company Prettybird created this campaign to raise awareness for sexual assault and rape on college campuses.

Timing is everything, and when “the first six weeks of college is the period when freshmen have the highest likelihood of being raped,” it is important that students are aware before they get to campus.

A print ad was in the Harvard Crimson, but the campaign is not associated with Harvard. It’s main purpose is to get social media to spread the word that it is not okay for college campuses to fail to protect their students. Society needs to “hold universities accountable for the rampant cover ups of sexual assault. “

Huffington Post

With lines like “We are delighted that you have chosen us but we won’t choose to protect you from your rapist this coming fall,” the campaign uses dark, but true facts to provide a realistic shock factor to students as they get the letters that are what they have worked hard throughout high school for.

Sexual assault and rape on college campuses, as well as how the colleges are handling it, is a major issue that needs to be brought to people’s attention. As college students, or high school students who will soon be going to college, it is a necessity that we are protected by the place we call home for 7 months out of the year.

To support this campaign, go to their website and sign the petition. Also, use their hashtag #DontAcceptRape.

Here are all six of the videos created by "Unacceptable Acceptance Letters":

Lead Image Credit: Ms. Archer's Unacceptable Acceptance Letter; The Unacceptable Acceptance Letters via Youtube

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