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Mar 01 2016
by Taylor Lang

The Scary Way This Man Allegedly Used Instagram to Burglarize College Students

By Taylor Lang - Mar 01 2016

A seemingly obvious word of caution for all those who post things on Instagram or other social media sites: Once it's public, anyone can see it.

A man is charged with burglarizing the homes and sorority houses of college women in Southern California, allegedly stealing over $250,000 worth of electronics, jewelry and underwear, reported NBC. How did it he do it? According the NBC article, he used Instagram.


Arturo Galvan, who arrested for the alleged crime in December, was a maintenance worker who would find women in public places and then track them through their geotagged pictures on Instagram, Fullerton Police said, according to NBC. Also using geotagged photos, he was able to determine where they lived, according to the police.

Using this information, Galvan was allegedly able to figure out when these women were not in their homes and sorority houses. The 33+ victims were students from Chapman University and California State University, Fullerton. While they were out of their houses, he was allegedly able to burglarize them.

This is just an example of how things online can be used against the people who post them. To be safe, take the geotagging off of your pictures on Instagram and think twice about adding a location on Facebook. Be smart with what you post online, because there are people out there who will use it against you.

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Taylor Lang - Syracuse University

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