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May 21 2016
by Taylor Lang

A Student Got Her Teacher A Cake Since She Was Late To Class Every Day

By Taylor Lang - May 21 2016

Jenny Hudak, a 17-year-old at a private high school in Miami, was committed to so many activities in high school that she ended up being late to her calculus class every day, according to Buzzfeed News.  “I was editor of the yearbook and senior class president,” she said to Buzzfeed. “Me being 15 minutes late to class was not me being a bad student, but I was so committed to so many things.”

Jenny Hudak via Buzzfeed News

It was extremely sweet of her calculus teacher (who wanted to remain unnamed) to be so understanding of her other commitments. In order to thank him, she decided that she would get him a cake. He had mentioned in class that he thought Publix had the best cake, so she bought him a blue and white one with, "Sorry I was late to your class every day," written on it.

He was extremely touched. “Our school teaches students ‘attitude of gratitude,’” said Hudak to Buzzfeed. “It was a way to thank my teacher for being so understanding.”

Jenny Hudak via Buzzfeed News

Congrats to Hudak for being such an outgoing and passionate student in high school with all of her activities, but for also being so appreciative to the people who helped her make all of it a possibility.

Lead Image Credit: Jenny Hudak via Buzzfeed News

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