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Mar 25 2016
by Taylor Lang

This Senior's Graduation Photoshoot Ended In a Broken Bone

By Taylor Lang - Mar 25 2016

Chelsea Whitfield, a senior at Valdosta State University in Georgia, had one of those moments that make us all go, "This would be me."  

Buzzfeed reports that while doing a photoshoot for her graduation, Chelsea decided to take a nostalgic jumping shot like we all did for our high school senior pictures. Then it happened. On the way down from the jump, her foot landed wrong and she instantly knew that she had broken it.

Cait Nash Photos via Buzzfeed

Even with the pain, Whitfield wanted to carry on the shoot that she had been so excited about for so long. But, after a while, she decided that she really should get some medical attention.

Caitlin Ogden, the photographer, decided to continue the shoot and take pictures while Whitfield was getting help. Whitfield maintained a positive attitude and wanted to have the pictures as a funny way to remember her graduation. She even plans on using them in her graduation announcement.

This could definitely happen to any of us. But, at least she took it positively and realized she will look back in a few years and think of it a clumsy, yet funny moment. So warning to all seniors of high school and college: Enjoy jumping and throwing your cap, but be careful!

Lead Image Credit: Imgur 

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