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Jun 22 2016
by Taylor Lang

A Bear Was Hanging Out In a Tree On A Campus In Rochester

By Taylor Lang - Jun 22 2016

Imagine being on campus, and then learning that there is a bear in a tree. And, on top of it all, your campus is in the middle of a city. Students of the Rochester Institute of Technology experienced this weird occurrence on Wednesday, June 22.  

The bear was called in at 8 am, and was fully removed by 10 am. One of the parking lots was shut down as the DEC of NY came in to safely remove the bear. The bear was tranquilized, and its descent was smoother as the tree branches broke its fall. He was treated for his small injuries and then released somewhere in the Southern Tier of New York.

David Boguta, a student at RIT, told Fresh U:

Honestly, I just thought it was funny that a bear would make it to RIT. I guess I'd be a bit frightened if I was on campus.

Photo: Michael Wasilco

This bear had been seen in other nearby populated places over the past few days. It had been tagged in order to help identify it and track its health. Most of the time, bears who have been sent away from their mothers tend to wander off on their own. Many young males will end up in more public situations, and in Rochester, they will walk along the Genesee River and through Mendon Ponds Park.

Other students were shocked that the bear would make it to their campus.

"Where on earth did it come from? I've only seen bears at the local zoo!," Lauren Matla said. Another student, Nicholas North, said:

It just seems weird. It seems like RIT would be way too urban to ever have a bear on it.

Photo: Michael Wasilco

Haley Guidice just recently graduated Webster Schroeder High School and will be attending RIT in the fall. She felt that it was cool, instead of feeling concerned for her safety. When she talked to her mother about it, her mom said she wasn't worried, because, "if Haley saw it, she would know to go the other way." 

We are glad that the bear was safely removed and that no one was injured! Good luck to all at RIT this upcoming semester.

Lead Image Credit: Michael Wasilco

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Taylor Lang - Syracuse University

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