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Sep 09 2016
by Taylor Lang

A Chinese College Makes Students Swipe Into Toilets To Save Water

By Taylor Lang - Sep 09 2016

Saving water has come to a new extreme. Kunming Health Vocational College in Yunan province has been experiencing a drought lately. In order to conserve water, students have 650 gallons of water prepaid on their student card, according to BBC and Chuncheng Evening News.

Students have to swipe into the bathrooms in order to use them. If they go over the allotted amount of water given to them, they have to pay extra money.

One teacher at the college tells Yunnan Online that the ration should be "more than enough" for everyday use, and that the new system will encourage students to conserve water.

There are certain people who are worried that this will cause students to consider not flushing, which would cause negative bacterial consequences. Many Chinese bathrooms use squatting toilets already rather than the more common toilets of the Western Hemisphere.

With water as one of the world's most valuable resources, it is important that we save it, but where do we draw the line?

Lead Image Credit: BBC

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Taylor Lang - Syracuse University

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