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Feb 23 2016
by Taylor Lang

22 Computers Were Stolen From A Lab at Syracuse University and Somehow No One Saw

By Taylor Lang - Feb 23 2016

On Friday, February 19, 22 computers complete with monitors, keyboards, and mice were stolen from Link Hall at Syracuse University, according to the Daily Orange. No one saw the event happen or knows what happened to the technology. The heist occurred after hours, when usually only engineering students can get into the building with a mandatory ID swipe, and whoever took the computers was not caught.

Students reactions to the bizarre event were quick, and ranged from:

Total Confusion:

Complete Awe:

To humorous disbelief:

Everyone is curious as to who was the mastermind behind this computer heist and what the story is behind why they did it – but so far, none of that has been revealed. 

Syracuse University has made it clear that there will be additional security measures to computer labs in order to decrease the likeliness that this event will repeat. An additional swipe of the Student ID will be required for engineering students to get into the individual lab rooms.

Can Isik, senior associate dean of the College of Engineering and Computer Science, told the Daily Orange that “The College takes great pride in being able to provide services, experiences and resources to students. Thefts such as these take away from the funding that would have gone to enhancing the offerings of the College.”

Unfortunately, all students still probably had to go to class.

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Taylor Lang - Syracuse University

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