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Feb 20 2016
by Taylor Lang

12 Things That Happen When You're A Type A Student

By Taylor Lang - Feb 20 2016

There is definitely a difference in college between the people who are here to party and those who are here to learn and experience all of the opportunities that college brings.  Being a type A student is great, but it comes with a lot of hard work and dedication.  It also comes with a lot of stereotypes; some are true and some are not.

1. Everyone gets your number for when they need homework help.

You are definitely the number one person that people go to for homework help.  Everyone knows that by the time they start it, you will already have it all done and 100% perfect.

2.  Some people get your number so that they can ask for all of the homework answers...but you say no.

After all of the time that you put into the homework, you are definitely not going to just go and give people answers because they don't feel the need to put the time in like you did.  No way!

3. You are always prepared.  Always.

Haha get the pun? Be prepared...Lion King?! matter what is thrown in your direction, you will be able to take on the challenge.  After all, you can handle everything else, so what is one more thing?!

4. You end up leading group projects.  It has to be up to your standards.

If you want something done right, you better just do it yourself.  Other people do not do it the way that works best, and you know that you are going to be picking up their slack anyways.  If you find a partner who is a type A student like you are and you work well together, keep them!  It is a rare occasion. 

5. You don't understand procrastinators at all.

You know what needs to be done, so why wait in doing it!  It is better to get it out of the way so that you can do all of the other things you plan on getting done.  You know the value of your time.  Get things done and stay on top of your game.

6. Or, you are 100% a procrastinator and you are proud of it.

You know that you work best under pressure.  Sometime after midnight is when your brain really kicks into overdrive.  You have a lot of stuff to get done, but it will somehow all work out always does!

7. Everyone assumes you must always be doing homework.

Your life isn't just about your school work.  You still have a bunch of clubs, time to spend with friends, time to eat, and sleep is still super important to you.  Yes you have a lot of things to do, but you know how to get things done in the way you like in order to get a good grade.  

8. You end up running review sessions and teaching your friends.

Some of them went to class and don't understand...others just didn't even show up. But, they know that you have already studied and mastered the content. The student now becomes the teacher.

9. People stop asking you how you did on tests...they already know.

It is just expected of you at this point.  No matter how bad everyone else did, they all know you took the test fully confident in your abilities to get an A.

10. You love learning so much that you get excited for some assignments.

That feeling of accomplishing a task that is hard, requires a lot of time and effort, and taught you a lot is a feeling that so many people take for granted.  Sometimes, it is just so much fun to learn.

11.  People think you stay up all night studying.

Sometimes you do stay up late to study, but most of the time you are just really efficient with the way that you spend your time during the day in order to get everything done.  Sleep is important, too!

12. People are worried that you take on too many activities.