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Jan 25 2016
by Taylor Lang

10 Things You Have a Different Perspective On After a Semester of College

By Taylor Lang - Jan 25 2016
Coming to college has been a transition for a lot of us freshmen.  One of the biggest changes for me was how I spent my time and how my lifestyle changed.  It really wasn't until I came home for Winter Break that I noticed how much I had truly altered some of the ways that I do things.  Not only do you adjust coming to college, but you also adjust to going back home.  Talking to a lot of my friends here at SU and at home, I realized that I wasn't the only one.  These changes were some of the most popular for freshmen after their first semester:

1. Eating

Whether we now eat healthier or much, much worse, one thing is clear: we are used to having a lot of options when it comes to getting food.  Coming home, things were much different.  Over break there were multiple times where I went to the fridge and thought, "There is nothing in this fridge that I want to eat!"  I got a lot of snapchats and texts, too, asking if I wanted to go out to eat because there was nothing good to eat in that person's house and they were hungry.

2. Bathrooms

As different as it is to adjust to having a communal bathroom that you have to walk down the hall to get to, it is also different adjusting back to the bathroom in your own house!  I had forgotten what it was like to share a bathroom with my brother...and having to clean it! It makes me truly appreciate the staff who clean up for us at college.

3. Take Time For Yourself

In high school, I was a very social person, and I still am.  But one of the biggest changes that I have personally gone through in college is the need to take time for me.  Whether I relax and watch Netflix, color in a coloring book, read, or take a nap, it is important.  Living in a dorm where people are constantly around you and wanting a career in a field that is consistently social, I have found that having recharging time is vital to my productivity and well being.

4. Homework

In high school, a lot of people do not have to study or do a lot of their homework to get good grades.  College is extremely different.  The people who kept these habits did not do well last semester, but those who figured out what study habits worked best for them did.

5. Prioritizing

In college, you live for yourself.  When you want to eat, you do.  When you have a lot of work to do, you get to decide how and when you want to get it done.  After the first semester, everyone goes home for Winter Break.  For some, it is easy to adjust to being back home.  But for others, prioritizing is different because of family, friends, work, and home life.  It isn't just about you anymore.  Either way make sure to do what is best for you.

6. Dressing for the Weather