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Mar 08 2016
by Taylor Elliott

8 Thoughts You Have When You're Bored at A Party

By Taylor Elliott - Mar 08 2016
A large part of college culture is the social aspect, or what most people like to refer to as the party scene. Whether you go to a small school or a certified party school, you will experience some sort of party during your time at college. They can range from a small house party to a large, crowded fraternity party. Unfortunately, not every one of them is straight out of a movie---some are just plain boring. Here are some thoughts that have probably run through your head once or twice while bored at a party.

1. “What time does Dominos close? I would rather stuff my face with cheesy bread and pasta than be at this party.”

2. “Is that girl over there really having that much fun? Or is she just faking? How can she fake happiness that well? This music SUCKS, get off the stage girl."

3. “Why are you making out in the middle of the dance floor? Gross, just get a room already.

4. “Why did I decide to come out tonight? I could be binge watching Grey’s Anatomy on Netflix.”

5. “What is this music? Who is the DJ? Are we at a middle school dance or what?”

6. “No, girl, no. You can’t dance with him. Why? Because he is gross and we need to go home.”

7. “These X’s on my hands are going to be there all week. Guess it’s time to embrace them.”

8. “Oh roommate, you want to stay longer? You’re just having so much fun? I will stay, but only because I love you. You owe me big time.”

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