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Dec 08 2015
by Tandi Chabwa

The 14 Best Things About Going to the Same College As Your High School BFF

By Tandi Chabwa - Dec 08 2015

For some reason, everybody and their mother warns you about making decisions based off of the interests of people you love. It makes sense… to a point. I get it - I wouldn’t want to go to or pay for medical school just to hang out with my best friend.

But as long as you’re making independent choices, making new friends and just doin’ you, going to the same school as your best friend can be and is the coolest thing ever. Here's why:

1. All of her friends are automatically your friends.

Whether you live in different dorms, take different classes, or join different clubs, it’s inevitable that you will both make new friends somehow. This is the absolute best because her new friends can become yours, and yours can become hers. It’s the easiest way to meet new people, and can be a life saver when you need a break from your crazy floor mates.

2. She understands everything you’ve been through…

…and she doesn’t judge you for it. There’s no awkward getting to know each other phase, because you two have basically already lived another life together.

3. She always knows when something is wrong without asking.

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She can tell you flunked that essay just by the look on your face… which is especially nice because you are guaranteed a shoulder to cry on.

4. …and she knows exactly how to fix it.

Sephora, here we come!

5. You always have a midnight McDonald’s buddy.

You likely have similar eating habits with your BFF, so it’s nice to have someone who will eat any food with you at any hour of the day without judging you, or counting how many fast food wrappers are in your garbage can.

6. You always have someone to carpool home with.

It doesn’t matter if your trip home is one hour or ten hours, travelling any distance with your BFF automatically turns it into a fun road trip. There’s nothing better than karaoke in the car, unless its karaoke in your best friend’s car with snacks.

7. You can raid her closet and fridge like its nothing.

Does this one need an explanation? This just means double the fun.

8. She can relate to your inside jokes.

Does one of your professors remind you of one of your high school teachers from home? You’ll be able to laugh over inside jokes and memories you have shared without having to explain or add “you had to be there…” because she has been there.

9. You have double the pictures and double the memories…

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…because, let’s face it. You’re definitely going to need someone else to help you remember all the fun you’re having.

10. BFF telepathy.

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You’re always on the same page and often share the same moods, habits and opinions. It’s especially awesome being able to communicate across a room full of people without having to say a single word.

11. The comfort of home.

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If either of you are feeling overwhelmed or homesick, the second best thing to a mom hug is BFF snuggles, pajamas and your favorite movie.

12. If you live together, it’s easier to avoid conflict.

If you did decide to live together, you probably already know what each other’s annoying habits are. You know what can slide and how to pick your battles. Even if it does come down to a confrontation over who does more dishes, you know you can be honest without staying mad at each other for more than five minutes.

13. You still have room to grow.

You may be at the same college as your best friend, but you likely don’t see each other as much as you did in high school... and that’s OK. It’s your time to be independent, meet new people and learn new things about yourself. Even though there’s a close bond between you two, you’re not relying on her as much as you were in high school, which makes your friendship feel stronger.

14. At the end of the day, she will always have your back.

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Lead Image Credit: Tandi Chabwa

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