Grad parties are a type of party unto themselves. Your friends are there, which is cool; your family is there, which is weird; and you are at the center of it all, which is a mixture of both. Cash is a good reason to get through yours, but no one’s going to write you a check for going to other people’s parties. You’ll end up at one of these eventually — whether you want to or not.

1. Family Night

This is the party you’ll want to back out of the fastest. It’s personal, close and clearly meant for the family. Not only will you feel like a bit of an outsider, but everyone over 40 will ask you what your plans for college are. *Shudder*

2. Prom 2.0

Adults are mysteriously absent and so is your hearing. Somebody’s Spotify playlist is the DJ and “Trap Queen” will make an appearance at some point. You’re bound to have some fun, but you’re just as certain to expect to help someone’s cousin Ashley throw up in the bushes.

3. The Graveyard

Only one word can describe this party: dead. The opposite of “Prom 2.0,” “The Graveyard” reeks of desperation and bad planning. Eat before you go because there is literally only a bag of chips and hot dogs of questionable integrity.

4. The Cultural Experience

Comparable to “Family Night,” “The Cultural Experience” is just what it says on the tin. You will be slightly uncomfortable despite good natured attempts to make you less so. Be warned, someone is going to drag you out to do a dance you’ve never seen before and yes, they are laughing at you.


5. The Inner Circle

This is why you go to grad parties. It’s just you and your friends burning the last of your school work in a bonfire. The food is mostly desserts and the laughter is rowdy, but you wouldn’t have it any other way.

Lead Image Credit: Kelley Bozarth