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Jul 18 2015
by Tamira Amin

8 Ways SDCC Is Exactly Like Freshman Year

By Tamira Amin - Jul 18 2015

Not everyone had tickets to this year's San Diego Comic Con (SDCC). However, there is one fast approaching stop you're equally excited for: freshman year! Though SDCC is four days and college is (ideally) four years, the con is surprisingly similar to your first year.

8. The officially sponsored gear

Do you need that $78.99 college hoodie? No. Is the official Marvel panel bag worth it? Absolutely not. And yet....

On that note:

7. Everything is overpriced.

'Nuff said.

6. Getting lost 

This may be different for smaller schools, but it is almost guaranteed to happen to you at least once if you school has a large campus. Walking in late for a lecture? Never fun. As for SDCC, this is the main floor:

Happy hunting! 

5. No sleep

Screw diamonds — coffee is a girl's best friend. You will end up taking naps at odd times and irrational places. Whether they're sewing cosplay costumes or meeting with study groups, searching for SDCC tickets or increasing the font size to all the periods in a paper, both freshman and cosplayers are ridiculously tired.

4. Finding people with similar interests

Whether it's your obsession with superhero cape textiles or the intramural quidditch team (yes, that's a thing), there's nothing quite like finding that niche. Even popping the top button after dinner with the fam isn't comparable. Outside of these two places and the Internet, there's nowhere better to find like-minded individuals. 

3. Finding people with opposite interests

This will also happen. Sakura was the weakest member of the trio? Spiderman is funnier than Deadpool? Piper Chapman is irrelevant on — wait, no one's arguing that point. But everywhere you turn, you're as likely to hear church bells as blasphemy. Same score on college campuses; the bigger the university, the more variety of people you meet. Keep in mind, this isn't always a bad thing.

2. The local economy is designed to take your money.

The locals are friendly because when they look at you, all they see are dollar signs. There is a local economic infrastructure specifically aimed at you. College towns and places that hold large cons like SDCC are regularly notorious for this. This can be nice — everything is catered to the needs of your demographic — but oftentimes it leads to overpriced restaurants, shops and lodging, all geographically centered around your location.

1. The memories


Maybe you're going to a comic con, maybe you're starting your freshman year this fall and maybe you're doing both. Bottom line: you're going to end up with memories and friends you'll never forget.

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Tamira Amin - University of Minnesota Twin Cities

Tamira Amin is the Editor-in-Chief of the University of Minnesota chapter. Currently majoring in indecision. After years of endless reading, penning short stories, and public speaking, she is sure about one thing: writing.

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