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Mar 20 2016
by Sunny Davis

Why I Decided to Go By a Nickname in College

By Sunny Davis - Mar 20 2016

Hi. My name is Sophia, but my nickname is Sunny.

Some people, when I say this, will say, "Oh my goodness, that name is so pretty! Why would you want to change it?" well, I just feel more like Sunny. But don't get me wrong; I absolutely love the name Sophia.

So where did Sunny come from? I was named after my great-aunt Sandra, who also went by Sunny. I just loved the thought of that name/nickname. It sounds so bubbly, happy, and cheery, which is who I am. I am an overall happy person (disregarding my past mental illnesses, which sometimes creep up and make me a little down and out). Senior year of high school, I went through a big change, but I changed for the better. I just became an overall happy person. And, yes, it had 100% to do with the fact that I was finally graduating; high school was not my cup of tea.

Everyone told me college is a fresh start. You get to start over and make new friends, try new things, reinvent yourself. Since I went through that change in high school and was now a much happier, more positive person, I decided I needed a new nickname to suite my new outlook on life, thus Sunny. I remember I had my heart set on Emerson College, and when I went for the welcome day, I introduced myself as Sophia because I didn't have the guts to say Sunny. After the fact, I regretted it and told myself that the next place I went, I'd ask to be called Sunny. Well, orientation at URI rolls in and my mom drops me off outside the dorms with my suitcase. As soon as I walked into the lobby, someone asked my name and I said Sophia. She handed me a nametag and told me to wear it at all times. Finally, I forced myself to tell them that I'd like to be called Sunny. Yes, it is a self-proclaimed nickname.

From then on, I introduced myself as Sunny. Now I am Sunny. I still always get a bit anxious is during the first day of a new class, when the professor is taking attendance and, after they call my name, I have to awkwardly blurt out "please call me Sunny." I didn't enforce it enough my first semester, which ended up with half my classes calling me Sophia and the other half calling me Sunny. Since then I have learned my lesson and this semester everyone calls me Sunny. It's a bit awkward, though, because a few friends I made in the classes that called me Sophia still refer to me as that. I just brush it off, though.

The sun never stops shining, sometimes you just have to look beyond the clouds to see it.

And that is how I came to be known as Sunny, and why I decided to go by a nickname in college. 

Lead Image: Sunny Davis' Instagram (@sunnydavis917)

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Sunny Davis - University of Rhode Island

Sunny is a sophomore at URI where she is majoring in Film/Media and Writing & Rhetoric and minoring in anthropology and photography. She dreams of being a movie director and her life goal is to travel the world. Sunny is a Fresh U alum and was also Fresh U's Tumblr Social Media Editor, Social Curator, and Assistant Social Media Director! In her spare time, she binges on Netflix, takes photos, and spends the rest of her time on social media. Follow Sunny on her life adventures! Tumblr: @itsalways-sunny and @s-u-n-n-y-blr. Instagram and Twitter: @_sunnydavis.

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