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Oct 11 2015
by Sunny Davis

What to Do When You’re Not Rushing

By Sunny Davis - Oct 11 2015

Greek life is a part of most colleges. It’s where all the parties are and where a lot of people end up on a Friday or Saturday night. However, if it’s not for you, do not fear because I am here to tell you what you can do when you’re not rushing. Here is a list I compiled of what you can do on the weekend, besides party.

1. Have a movie night!

Just hang out with your friends in your dorm, binge-watching your favorite childhood movies. It’s very relaxing, especially after a long and stressful week. High School Musical and Jumaji are some good ones.

2. Wander around your campus!

Ever wonder what your campus is like at night? Well find out! You never know what sort of interesting individuals you will meet. Say hi to people you pass and see what happens. Just make sure you stay safe and stay with a group of friends that you know!


3. Get caught up on homework!

No, this may not seem like the most appealing thing to do, but it can be fun! Gather a bunch of friends for a study group, complete with midnight snacks and coffee or have a study session by yourself! Just make sure you take frequent breaks as to not have a meltdown.


Just don't end up like this...


4. Talk!

You never know what secrets will be spilt at 2 A.M. and sitting around talking with friends is a great way to bond and become closer.

A & M Films

5. Check out other dorms!

It may seem weird at first, wandering through someone else’s dorm building, but people will often leave their doors open! If you see an open door, don’t be afraid to stop by, say hello and introduce yourself! It’s a great way to meet new people and make friends.


     Lead Gif: Comedy Central

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Sunny Davis - University of Rhode Island

Sunny is a sophomore at URI where she is majoring in Film/Media and Writing & Rhetoric and minoring in anthropology and photography. She dreams of being a movie director and her life goal is to travel the world. Sunny is a Fresh U alum and was also Fresh U's Tumblr Social Media Editor, Social Curator, and Assistant Social Media Director! In her spare time, she binges on Netflix, takes photos, and spends the rest of her time on social media. Follow Sunny on her life adventures! Tumblr: @itsalways-sunny and @s-u-n-n-y-blr. Instagram and Twitter: @_sunnydavis.

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