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Feb 17 2016
by Sunny Davis

10 Things Film Majors are Tired of Hearing

By Sunny Davis - Feb 17 2016

As a film major, I get a lot of crap about how "unpractical" my major is. Here are a few of things people have said to me when I tell them what my major is:

1. How are you even going to make any money?

This particular question is a pain because our world is constantly evolving and film is becoming a huge part of it, so quite frankly, being a film major is more prevalent than ever.

2. What are you gonna do with that?

There is literally so much to do with film, as explained in #1. So many companies want to make commercials and advertisements, being a film major does not mean solely working on movies.

3. Oh, really? That's cool...

In this case, the person is being sarcastic but, in actuality, being a film major is awesome! I watch movies for homework! Who else can say that? Engineers? I don't think so!

4. What, do you wanna be a director or something?

Yes, in my case I do want to be a director, however, as mentioned in #2, there are so many more occupations than directing!

5. You like movies?

This one is just obvious. YES I FREAKING LOVE MOVIES. Movies are my life... I watch at least one a week.

6. That major is a joke.

No it is not. A lot of my friends are engineers or science majors and I have an equal, if not heavier, workload to them. It's a real major with tons of work, especially outside work because of film shoots and editing.

7. Have fun scrubbing tables for the rest of your life.

Sure, if I want to work my way up in the film industry (which I want to do), I'll have to get a side job, but if I work for it, it will pay off. The industry is a tough one, but can have a lot of rewards.

8. Wow, you have a lot of guts going into that industry.

As mentioned in #7, the film industry is a tough one, but it can be conquered. It's based off of connections to people, which can be tricky, unless you're willing to venture out of your comfort zone and talk/get to know various people.

9. Woah! That's so different!

At my school, when I tell people I'm a film major, they sometimes ask me to repeat myself because they expected me to say something like "chem" or "communication disorders," since film isn't a very common major.

10. That's so cool!

Not all reactions are bad ones. When I tell people I'm a film major, half the time they're really impressed. Being a film major is tons of fun!

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Sunny Davis - University of Rhode Island

Sunny is a sophomore at URI where she is majoring in Film/Media and Writing & Rhetoric and minoring in anthropology and photography. She dreams of being a movie director and her life goal is to travel the world. Sunny is a Fresh U alum and was also Fresh U's Tumblr Social Media Editor, Social Curator, and Assistant Social Media Director! In her spare time, she binges on Netflix, takes photos, and spends the rest of her time on social media. Follow Sunny on her life adventures! Tumblr: @itsalways-sunny and @s-u-n-n-y-blr. Instagram and Twitter: @_sunnydavis.

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