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Oct 05 2016
by Stephen-Michael Thompson, Jr.

Why Washington's Win over Stanford is Important

By Stephen-Michael Thompson, Jr. - Oct 05 2016

The Washington Huskies are a mainstay in college football lore. Their stadium is one of the most beautiful stadiums in the country. And over 15 of their former starting quarterbacks have played in the NFL. 

Yeah, Washington football is legendary. But the problem is the time UW has been legendary. In recent memory, UW has never really been in contention to win any major bowl games. Their last major bowl win was over the Purdue Boilermakers at the 2001 Rose Bowl. It has been a while for the Washington faithful. A few years ago, my favorite coach, Chris Petersen, left Boise State for Washington. Ever since then, UW has changed for the better. Their win over Stanford last week proves why.

Game Recap

In summary, Stanford was demolished from start to finish. Christian McCaffrey was held to only 79 all-purpose yards. Stanford was held to only 6 points. And those points were scored 30 unanswered points from Washington. The Huskies gave Stanford one of their worst losses since 2008. Stanford’s rushing game was nonexistent. They tried to run but their opponents simply did not let it happen. This shows a few things.

First off, it shows that Stanford has a Lousiana State problem. Their run game limits their potential to put up points. Yards can be produced, but when the run game is shut down, what happens? On this night, their offense did not start because of the lack of a run game. The dominance by the Huskies proves the legitimacy of their defense. A Heisman candidate was put out of the equation during this game. Four out of the last five games, the Huskies has held their opponents to 15 points or less. In this day of scoring offense, that's insane.

Twitter’s Reaction

Why Does this matter?

The Pac-12 has been put on purple alert. California (Los Angeles) and Southern Cal are fighting through tough schedules and close games. Oregon is having the worst season in recent memory. Washington State lost a few games early in the season. And Stanford is still licking their wounds from this game. Washington is in prime position to win the Pac 12 even if they lose a game. Colorado, Arizona State and Utah are all 4-1 right now. Unfortunately, they are all in the same division. Washington has nothing to worry about in their division.

This matter because the west coast bias will be affected. For fans in the earlier time zones, certain teams are always on their mind: USC, Oregon, UCLA, Stanford, and even Utah. Washington is the best team on the western coast in College Football right now by a long shot. The change in guard will force people to watch how the Huskies continue in their path of destruction.

The Washington Huskies are legit from my perspective. If they remain undefeated, a College Football Playoff spot will be waiting. It has been 25 years since Washington has won a National Title. It has been 15 years since they have won a Rose Bowl. Something will change. Make room in the trophy case, please. 

Lead Photo Credit: Michael Li via Flickr Creative Commons

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