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Sep 13 2016
by Stephen-Michael Thompson, Jr.

College Football Week Two Review: The Battle at Bristol

By Stephen-Michael Thompson, Jr. - Sep 13 2016

Usually, College Football games have been played at two places. Either a football designed stadium or a multipurpose stadium that can be used for football. It’s normal. College Stadiums are so different. Each stadium is unique in its own way. Due to this, the location of a game is important. But what happens when you play a game at a place that’s not made for football? Tennessee and Virginia Tech made some history when it comes to my previous statement. 

Both teams played a regular season game at Bristol Motor Speedway. Yeah, a NASCAR race track was turned into a football facility for the whole world to see!

Game Highlights

Most First Downs: Virginia Tech with 21

Most Passing Yards: Virginia Tech with 214

Most Rushing Yards: Tennessee with 239

Most Turnovers: Virginia Tech turned the ball over 5 times

Time of Possession: Va Tech had possession for 31:44

I am still not impressed with Tennessee. Joshua Dobbs had more rushing yards than passing yards. Now, that is common for a lot of QB’s. There will be games that escaping the pocket will gain you more yards than standing in the same pocket BUT. Josh Dobbs was talked about being a Heisman candidate before the season started. Unfortunately, his Heisman performances haven't come yet. It’s a difference between winning and dominating while winning. Dobbs is just winning. Besides Dobbs, I’ll give UT some credit. The Defense came to play. After a Sun Belt team gave them troubles last week, the defense came refreshed with no remorse. Just imagine how good this team will be when both sides of the ball are dominant.

Virginia Tech has a solid team. I can really tell that the players want to keep up the tradition in Blacksburg. A legend leaving usually marks the sign that losing is coming. But VT wants to make that story a little different. Frank Beamer is gone but the team will still be strong. 

What costs VT the game was the fumbles. The team was more productive on offense but giving the ball away five times was not a good thing. VT lost the game more and more every time a ball fumbled. Maybe this game would've been different if the turnovers rarely came.

The Atmosphere

This game would've been turned off my TV if it was at a regular location. The score got out of hand over time. But this game was at a racecar track of all places. Like hearing a song sung by over 150,000 people was amazing. Both schools are football hungry schools and honestly, the fans showed out. Some seats were terrible but someone used their hard earned money to fill that seat. I appreciate that, honestly. 

This game could've been a financial failure but it came in the clutch. Everyone that showed up was a part of history. Both teams benefited very well from the game. Also, I give respect to the race track that held it. Bristol Motor Speedway is a serious racetrack. The organization is excellent in every event that they hold. This game was not an exception. The years of preparation was worth it.

I want this game to happen again. Georgia and LSU are two notable teams that UT faces at home next year. Maybe UT can convince the SEC to pull that off. Or can we get a possible rematch next year? We will find out. This game was magnificent.

Lead Photo Credit: Ryan Stavely via Flickr Creative Commons

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