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Sep 06 2016
by Stephen-Michael Thompson, Jr.

College Football Week One Review: SEC Meltdown

By Stephen-Michael Thompson, Jr. - Sep 06 2016
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Listen, the SEC is a powerhouse in Football. The stadiums, talent, traditions, and even the coaching beef. This conference brings it. In week one of this season, that was missing. The SEC had the worse week in 21 seasons. The conference hasn't suffered so many losses in an opening week in 21 years. The SEC had a meltdown. Here are the reasons why.

Tennessee Troubles: Volunteers Wins in Overtime

Appalachian State is a very good football school. They bring their best game no matter who they are facing. On Thursday night, they almost beat Tennessee. In their own stadium. In front of 100,00 people. And maybe with millions of people watching at home. Yeah, that was very close to happening. Of course, UT found a way to win. But honestly, UT most definitely hit the overrated radar very quickly after this game.

SC vs Vandy: Boring

13-10. Really? Then to make this worse, both teams started their season with a conference game. That is the weakest way to start a season after a cupcake game. Both teams will have no chance to win the SEC. This game was embarrassing to watch. But all respect to Will Muschamp. Go get 'em coach!

Mississippi State Loses to the Sun Belt?!?

How would the Post Dak Prescott era start? Yeah, with a loss to South Alabama. Excellent. To make things even worse, MSST lost the game when they missed a go-ahead field goal. What’s embarrassing for the conference is that MOST thought this was going to be an easy game. South Alabama joined the FBS in 2012. Maybe the scheduling should be based off team talent than winnability.

Missouri is nowhere to be found

It’s been about four years and I’m still wondering the benefits of Missouri moving to the SEC. Besides the money, what are the pros in this situation? Missouri is just the weird road trip that teams make in the SEC. No disrespect, but Missouri is more of a Midwestern team. The Big 12 is where the tigers should be. But for now, maybe for the next few decades. They will be in the middle of the SEC.

LSU is upset

A result like this is why Les Miles is on the hot seat. Some games are hard. We know this. But LSU’s talent isn't used good enough. There is no reason why the Tigers can’t run the ball efficiently. Leonard Fournette should be averaging over 200 yards a game. And honestly, LSU’s QB department is not elite. It hasn't been elite in a while. I feel bad for their defense, LSU always plays well on defense. Their random offensive calling is hurting the team. Maybe Miles should've been fired. Nevertheless, good luck to the Tigers. Fournette might carry to defenders and his own team on his back.

Kentucky loses to Southern Miss

9 points. Kentucky was up by 25 points at halftime and ended up losing by 9 points. Their new Nike makeover cannot distract them from this result.

Auburn falls short

STOP TWO QB SYSTEMS. I’m tired of coaches messing up their tempo because they can't pick a QB. Legends are made when a coach picks a QB. Games are won and trophies are added. But a QB must be picked first. Guz Malzahn needs to make up his mind. The SEC west is won by QB play majority of the time.


Alabama, Texas A&M, Arkansas, Florida won their respective games. Alabama torched the Trojans with no remorse. Arkansas and Florida almost lost their own games. Texas A&M beat a ranked team. Alabama and Texas A&M added some respect to the SEC’s week one woes. No matter what, Ole Miss gave a good performance as well. Hopefully “the best conference” in the nation steps up next week. 

Lead Photo Credit: Phillip Hendon

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