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Aug 06 2016
by Stephen-Michael Thompson, Jr.

7 College Football Games I Can't Wait For

By Stephen-Michael Thompson, Jr. - Aug 06 2016

I’m a freshman at Morgan State University. When I’m not writing articles for Fresh U HBCU, I’m talking or watching sports. It’s pretty much all I watch and I love it. My favorite sport is football. You get to hit people for 60 minutes. Like you can literally run a person over, brag about it, then get paid millions to do it until you retire. College Football doesn't include the paychecks for those players but it is still an exciting thing. This will be the 3rd Season with a College Football Playoff. This forces teams to play better, and even schedule better (cough no more cupcake games). And this season is loaded. Usually, it takes a ranking, story, or time of the year to make a game feel big. But a snap has not been played yet and many games are big for many reasons. Here are the 7 games I cannot wait for.

The Non-Conference Showdowns

Ole Miss vs Florida State

Week 1.

Monday, September 5th.

8:00pm EST Start Time.

Florida Citrus Bowl in Orlando, Fla

What makes this game so interesting is that both teams have the potential to knock off their current conference champions. Alabama is the current SEC Champion for the western division and the whole conference. Ole Miss has a good chance to win both titles this year. While in the ACC, Florida State is starring Clemson right in the eyes. It was less than 3 Seasons ago when Florida State was the National Champion. BCS or not, they were close to winning the 1st College Football Playoff as well. Nevertheless, Florida State wants its conference back. 15 ACC titles since 1992 shows dominance from my view. With the pressure on both sides to prevent a repeat of their conference champions, this game will be intense.

USC vs Alabama

Week 1

Saturday, September 3rd. 

8pm EST Start Time. 

Playing at AT&T Stadium in Arlington, TX

It has been 7 Seasons since USC has won a Pac-12 Title. Sanctions have come down. Coaches have been switched out and all. While this was happening, Alabama came out of nowhere. 4 National titles, 4 SEC Titles, and 5 SEC West Titles has been added to the trophy case since 2008. The main reason I want to watch this game is for USC. Alabama might be a little shaky with their new QB. But USC can get back to where it wants to be if they win this game. Do it for America. We will be rooting for you.

Tennessee vs Virginia Tech

Week 2

Saturday, September 10th

8:00pm EST Start Time

Playing at Bristol Motor Speedway in Bristol, Tenn

College Football Games are loud. Virginia Tech home games are even louder. Tennessee home games are the same. Some genius was probably sitting home one day and thought: “Let’s play a game at a race car track”. In a month this wild idea will actually happen. 160,000 people could possibly set out to the race track for a football game. Please watch this game. Just watch it. History will be happening. Besides, if you don't like the idea, at least this game is a good matchup.

Ohio State vs Oklahoma

Week 3

Saturday, September 17th

7:30pm EST Start Time

Gaylord Family Oklahoma Memorial Stadium

Most schools would not schedule this heavy a game in their schedule if this was the BCS era. Well, it’s the era of the Playoff and every game matters. You have Bob Stoops and Urban Meyer in the same stadium and it’s not a Bowl Game? This is a gift from the college football powers that be. You have two teams who competed in the CFP. Two competitive squads. Two NFL athlete producing schools. I give all respect to the Athletic Directors for scheduling this game. Thank you and let the better team win.

Two to Look Out For

Alabama vs Tennessee

Week 7

Saturday, October 15th

Time: TBD

Neyland Stadium in Knoxville, Tenn

The only excuse I want to hear from Alabama fans this year is about their road schedule. Ole Miss, Tennessee, Arkansas, and LSU on the road?!? That’s insane. Nick Saban can win in every stadium he wants but he has many inexperienced players when it comes to the Alabama way. The reason I want to watch this game is for Tennessee to win. I said it, I want them to prove that this team can get over the hump. All 4 of their losses were 7 points or less last year. They could have gone undefeated. Butch Jones has the SEC where he wants them. With new coaches at Missouri, Georgia, and South Carolina. The time is now for Tennessee to return to the SEC Championship.

Houston vs Memphis

Week 13

Time TBD

Saturday, November 25th

Liberty Bowl Memorial Stadium in Memphis, Tennessee

The MAC, Mountain West, America, Conference USA, and the Sun Belt. Please come on down. You all will fight to have a spot in the New Year’s 6 bowl games. There is an automatic spot for all 5 conferences. But it there is 1 spot. And the one team who can get there is Houston. They ended last season by sprinting all over Florida State. I will watch this game because this is the last game that could trip up the Cougars in their pursuit of an exclusive bowl game. Watch out Texas, Baylor, and TCU; Houston might be the best College Football team in Texas.

The Last Game of the Regular Season

Navy vs Army

Week 15

3:30pm EST Start time

M&T Bank Stadium in Baltimore, Maryland

This game has been the last game of the regular season for a while now. Army has not beaten Navy in a NCAA Football contest since 2001. I have watched for years to see if that will change. Will it? We will see. 

Lead Image Credit : aaronisnotcool via Flickr Creative Commons

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