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Aug 17 2016
by Stephen-Michael Thompson, Jr.

5 College Football Coaches Who Are On The Hot Seat

By Stephen-Michael Thompson, Jr. - Aug 17 2016
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It is hard to win. Let’s be honest: not everyone can win. In the world of College Football, teams that win bowl games aren't even in contention to win their conference in the last 25% of the season. Besides the players, the coach is the next person that a fanbase depends on. They recruit, make a depth chart, monitor the playbooks and even switch traditions. Firing coaches is very common nowadays. As I mentioned before, not everyone can win. It takes the time to add the product into a program. But of course, there’s always an outlier to any college football situation. Some coaches aren't the best for various reasons. Here are the 5 coaches that are on the hot seat.

1. Kevin Sumlin - Texas A&M

Records of last 3 Seasons: 9-4, 8-5, 8-5.

Remember Johnny Manziel? Remember when Texas A&M was the most hated team in Texas when they left the Big 12? Yeah, that was 4 years ago. There are multiple reasons why Kevin Sumlin is on the hot seat. The main reason is because he was a part of a quick rush of success. I’m not degrading his coaching skills - running all over Alabama a few years ago was excellent. It was the best win of his career, but, everyone brought in very quickly. The Texas A&M board of regents approved an almost half a billion dollar stadium renovation. Five Star recruits are coming and going and, honestly, a lot of America bought in. Texas A&M was going to be the best football team in Texas. From my view, it’s not like that. Sumlin has one thing to do: win. Not win a few games. Win the division at the least. The ball is in your court, Coach Sumlin.

2. Steve Addazio - Boston College

Records of last 3 Seasons: 7-6, 7-6, 3-9. 

If a team has an excellent defense but their offense can’t score, will they succeed? In 2016, they will not. Boston College had a top 15 defense for the past two years. That’s hard to do no matter which program you're coaching. But in 2015, their offense was a part of the 10 worst scoring teams in the country. For a power 5 conference, that's unacceptable. Personally, I love Coach Addazio. But his downfall is his offensive struggles. Hopefully, he finds a way to preserve.

3. Paul Johnson - Georgia Tech

Records of last 3 Seasons: 7-6, 11-3, 3-9.

Five bowl game loss. Two Bowl Game Wins. Two loses in the ACC Title game. One win in the ACC Title Game. Paul Johnson outcoached a SEC Team in the Orange Bowl. Then, he missed a bowl game in his next season. “But Stephen, he’s coached teams that have been in the top 3 of the ACC Coastal 6 times," you might say. Oh, I know, but honestly, Winning an ACC Division isn't really nothing in my view. Georgia Tech is a national team for sure. We all know about the Flexbone Offense, but winning needs to happen more often. Paul Johnson is on the hot seat. He’s a winner, but falling off the grid after winning a major bowl isn't the way to go.

4. Mike MacIntyre - Colorado

Records of last 3 Seasons: 4-8, 2-10, 4-9.

Colorado hasn't won a bowl game since 2004. I started kindergarten that year. And I’m currently a freshman in college. That just sums up the Colorado Buffalo situation right now. Honestly, a lot needs to change. I feel bad for Mike MacIntyre. He needs more depth in a very competitive conference. The reason he’s on the hot seat: he coaches at Colorado. Sometimes it's the program itself that needs help and the coach takes the blame.

5. Anyone in Power at Baylor

I’m not going to list Baylor’s records, their success or even their coach. Baylor is the new SMU. The NCAA is really about punishing Baylor right now. Ignoring sexual assault and even breaking more NCAA rules are just a few reasons Baylor is really in a mess. And honestly, their punishment might be worse than Penn State’s punishment. Everyone involved with this team is under the NCAA’s eye right now. Be wise Baylor, your punishment is awaiting. 

College Football is a dynamic place. Coaches have to worry about players, their grades, tradition, boosters, the NCAA, and even law enforcement. I don't like seeing good people being fired from their jobs honestly. But if you research, most coaches are fired during some part of their career. Being on the hot seat can lead to that. How will the coaches react in their current situations? We will see. 

Lead Image Credit: Wally Gobetz via Flickr Creative Commons

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