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Jul 07 2016
by Stephanie Treanor

The Hardest Part About Leaving the Parents Who Double As Best Friends

By Stephanie Treanor - Jul 07 2016

As a child we learn to understand the parenting style of our guardians. However, now that we have grown up and had some of our own experiences, we can easily seperate our parents into three categories: the lenient parents, the strict parents and the best friends. The lenient parents have it easy: when you leave for college, they simply hug you, remind you to call and then you're off. With strict parents it can be a little harder: they may hold on for dear life and remind you of every rule ever set in your life. Then you're ready to live with freedom. 

Although leaving your parents' nest for the first time is inevitably hard, leaving your best friends as well is most definitely the worst situation. Saying goodbye to your shoulder to lean on, your ear to listen and the person who holds your hand and takes walks with you at one in the morning while you cry over your high school friends is a lot to handle. 

When it's finally your chance to leave for college, the excitement and the fear is undoubtedly present, but when you're worried and 1400 miles away from your two best friends, the fear may just overwhelm you. 

The worst part about leaving your best friends who you call Mom and Dad is the separation and the "loss." 

You're separated from the most important people in your life for the first time ever. They've taken care of you in ways necessary to parents and ways that make them your best friends. Now that the separation is finally occurring, you have to find a new shoulder while at school. As tempting as it may be, you cannot hop on a plane every time you need to talk to your mom or hug your dad. 

Now that walking down the hall to a parent is not an option, here are your options: call, FaceTime and Skype your parents whenever you can, no matter the kind of parent. 

They're worried and sad you're gone as well. Secondly, make new friends. Whether it be in class, in your dorm or just in the middle of the campus, find people to mingle and be social with. This will help when you need someone to talk to while you cry on their shoulder. 

Nontheless, those parents who double as best friends will always be your parents and your best friends. They may be 1400 miles away, but they are still there no matter what. Besides, if you really need them, you can start countdowns to every holiday when you will be going home. 

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Stephanie Treanor - University of Portland

Im Stephanie Treanor! Im going to be a freshman at the University of Portland double majoring in Political Science and Sociology with a Criminology track! Go Pilots!

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