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Aug 15 2016
by Stephanie Treanor

The 10 Stages of Moving Out

By Stephanie Treanor - Aug 15 2016
As recently graduated high school students and almost college freshmen, we have all begun or finished the move out process. The 10 major stages of the move out process are bestowed upon all of us during this summer. I wish you all good luck in completing them. 

1. Commitment

It's that time of year when everyone is getting their acceptance letters back and figuring out what their next move is. This generally happens right around commitment day for most and earlier for some. However, your final decision must be made by May 1. Once you make that decision a huge weight is lifted off your shoulders, for a little while. We're all probably past this step now.

2. Graduation

 Then graduation comes around and you're insanely excited to finally be done with high school and venture out on your own. However, graduation is not just exciting, it's also stressful. You're worried about what to wear, if your finals are going to come out how you want and need and making sure your family will all be civil to one another. Don't forget: it's your day. 

3. Absentmindedness

After graduation is over and all the parties are finally done you have a sense of relief and, quite honestly, the only thing you are thinking about college-wise is going. This happens right around the beginning of June. You're not thinking about packing or actually leaving. You're thinking of living on campus and parties and what kind of classes you'll be taking. This is totally normal, you have lot of time. 

4. Lists, Lists, Lists

Then July hits and you realize how fast this summer is moving and that you should start getting prepared. The first list is likely a college packing list from Pinterest. The second is a modification of the first specified to you. Lists three and four are for specific stores like Target and Bed, Bath and Beyond. When list number five rolls around it's likely whatever you don't have, and things to get done before leaving. This helps to keep organized, but also puts into perspective how much needs to get done. 

5. The Beginning

Whether you are going out of state or staying in your home state, you are probably moving out and into a dorm or an apartment. So you have to start somewhere. You need to buy everything you need and need to start packing. That generally leads nowhere except lots of shopping and staring at things you need to pack. 

6. Nostalgia

When you truly begin the steps to packing you find mementos from your childhood and memories with friends. Stop and take it in. Remember how great of a time you have had in this house and with the people you may be leaving. Those pictures and gifts and other great finds show who you were and are. Take a moment to relax and be nostalgic of your childhood before everything changes.

7. Boxes Everywhere

At this point. You're headed into the last two weeks in July, nothing is packed but you have boxes upon boxes piling up in your room. There's packing tape and paper everywhere and you don't honestly know where to begin. You don't know whats going to fit where and what all needs to go with. 

8. Stressed

You've reached the last week in July and the first week in August by this point. Your move out day is approaching incredibly fast and you're stressed, to say the least. Boxes have stuff in them, but not everything and they're not taped. Whether you're flying and shipping your boxes or driving them to campus, they do need to get done eventually. Don't panic. 

9. Taping

You've done it. Your boxes are packed and taped shut and ready to roll. You may have a few more bags to pack and few more to-dos on your list, but the majority of your stress is over. You have about two weeks to start the rounds of goodbyes you know are coming and to get ready for your next adventure. Spend time with those who mean the most to you. 

10. College

Finally after waiting out the last few months of high school and the crazy fast summer, you have arrived at the place you will be calling home for the next four years. Make the most of every moment in this new place, but don't forget where you came from and who helped you get there. 

After going through the crazy ride that is moving out, you will get settled and you'll find your place at your respective university or college. Then the new memories and experiences will begin. Good luck class of 2020! 

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