When you move into your home away from home and you start a new chapter in your life, it's great to have someone you know you can rely on to be a friend, a sibling and a parent all in one. That is exactly what your Resident Assistant is. An RA is there to not only help you mentally, physically and emotionally but also to help with homework and to remind you to breathe and have fun. Here's a list of great ways to get to know and love your RA. 

1. One-on-One

Scheduling a time to sit down and talk with your RA is a great way to start a relationship. You don't have to talk about anything life changing or earth shattering, but definitely take the time to learn a little about them and let them learn some things about you. It's nice to get to know somebody your first few weeks of college while making friends is still hard. 

2. Get Advice

I don't know about anyone else, but these first few weeks have been a little rough. Not only do I miss the familiarity of home, but college is also really hard. There is ten times more homework, no time to remember to basic things like eat and sleep and we are in a new place. So if you're feeling the struggles of freshman year, your RA is a great person to go talk to about life or just get some advice about how to deal with stress and balance everything. 

3. Hugs 

Being homesick and missing family has easily been one of the hardest things about college so far, so having the option to go to an RA and get just a hug like a mom would give is an amazing feeling. I'm sure we are all feeling the slightest bit homesick, whether you are 1400 miles from or 1 mile from home. Either way, sometimes we can't get off campus and a hug from an RA is a necessity. 

4.  Movie Dates

I doubt anyone's RA is as amazing as mine, however no matter how great, they are truly there for you. If you don't have plans for the night see if your RA and some friends want to get together, watch a cheesy movie and eat unhealthy snacks. That was definitely a highlight of my first week in college. Your RA is generally there to be your friend and take care of you when you need it, so if a movie night is what you need, find your RA. 

5. Make Them Family

My RA is one of the kindest people I have ever met and has the biggest heart of anyone I know. She truly cares about every girl in my wing. Not only does this make me trust her, but I also know that if I ever need anything, she is my go-to while I am away at school. She is like the older sister I never had and substitute mom 1400 miles away from my actual mom. If you have an RA you truly feel you can talk to and be close with, take that opportunity and make them part of your college family. 

6. A Good Laugh

Sometimes when the stress of classes gets to be too much and you know that reading one more line of the 70 page chapter is impossible, your RA is a good person to go to just have a human interaction and get a good laugh out before buckling down and getting your homework done. If your sitting at your desk or in bed and your SOC 101 book is just too much for you, walk down the hall, knock on their door and just ask them to talk. For some reason an RA comes equipped with loads of funny stories and cheesy jokes, use that to your advantage. 

7. Food

I know we all are trying to avoid that freshman 15 and we have stocked snacks in our dorm, but your RA generally has awesome snacks and most likely will offer you anything. If they offer your those Oreos or some fruit snacks, take them and say thank you. Don't forget to share your snacks too. 

An RA is an integral part of your dorm life, it will be way easier if you can utilize their skills and be close with them. Take the time to try some of these things and appreciate your RA. They truly want the best for you. 

Lead Image Credit: Unsplash