As the weeks begin to dwindle down and the stress starts to grow exponentially on campus, students need to remember that they can make it through this last month of school. They need to be reminded to push through, and who better to come to the rescue then our moms. 

1. "Try to get enough sleep." - Mother of University of Portland Student

This means going to bed early enough to get the needed hours of sleep for brain function properly in the morning. You may need to go to bed earlier, make your room darker, turn of your phone sooner and keep it off. Getting enough sleep will not only help you feel better, but keep your brain functioning at its maximum capacity. 

2. "Maintain balance." - Mother of CU Boulder Student

Make sure you stay healthy and have the energy when you have to force yourself to study, do homework and keep working hard. Make sure to take breaks, sleep, exercise and make time to do small things that make you happy. Finding balance will help to keep you focused. 

3. "Eat healthy, study hard and finish strong." - Mother of University of Portland Student

Make sure to eat a good, balanced diet and get enough protein to keep up your energy. Do everything you can to study what you need to know without completely wiping yourself out and do your best on those finals before heading home. 

4. "Do things that make you happy." - Mother of Florida State University Student

Whether this is eating a small dose of your favorite treat, taking a drive to the beach or just taking a power nap. It doesn't have to be extravagant or expensive, just make sure to reward yourself for the hard work that has brought you this far and will help you finish. 

5. "Finish the semester strong." - Mother of Northern Arizona University Student

Think if it were four weeks ago or even at the beginning of the semester - it has gone by fast. Mark off a calendar of the days left and remember as soon as it is over, you have a whole semester behind you. 

6. "Manage your time well." - Mother of University of Arizona Student

Make sure to remember that you need to sleep, eat, study and relax. Don't push yourself too hard. Manage your time well by realizing what your mind and body need. If you need to sleep, put down the books and get some rest. You will do better listening to your needs than cramming and stressing. 

7. "Countdown the days left." - Mother of University of Portland Student

Although staying focused, staying healthy and doing your best are all important, make sure to remember the reward at the end of this incredibly long semester. Home. Holidays. Family and free food. Not only do you not have to think about school for a month, but you also get to spend time with family and friends, celebrate and eat lots of free food. 

Whether you are already taking finals and writing essays or just beginning to realize how soon that process will be coming, remember that you have less than a month left of your first semester of college. You can do it. If you need more advice or words or wisdom, your mom is always an amazing resource and she'll be happy to know you haven't drowned in homework and papers. 

Lead Image Credit: Charlene Ruhge via Unsplash