When New Year's Eve rolls around every year, people all over the world make goals for the next year to get fit, have more fun, land their dream job and many many other resolutions. Let's face it, three weeks into the new year you're tired and are on the brink or have already given up on those new years resolutions. No matter what the end goal, many of us, especially busy students, find ourselves making less time for these resolutions and falling back into old routines. Here are some tips to remember and motivate you to keep up with those resolutions and stay up on your busy lives all at the same time.

1. Find the Balance

As a college student we are already busy with classes, studying, clubs, friends and possibly a job. With all of these necessary evils we deal with while in school, setting a resolution for the new year and keeping it is a hard task. However, if you limit yourself to few resolutions that you can incorporate comfortably into your already busy schedules you will find a balance that will be easy for you to keep and in turn will help those resolutions stick. 

2. Tell Someone Else

If you are bringing in a completely new aspect into your life that you are passionate about sticking to and making it to the end goal, tell a friend, roommate or family member. When someone close to you notices that maybe you haven't done that goal today or worked towards it yet, they can remind you of the importance and keep you from holding yourself back. What are friends for, right?

3. Be Specific

When deciding on your New Year's resolutions remember that if you tell yourself something generic is what you want, your brain and body will not respond in the same way as it would if you make a goal specific to your life. Saying you want better grades or to lose weight is a good resolution, but specify them to yourself to show the passions specific to you. For example, instead of just losing weight, find a piece of clothing you want to be able to fit into or a vacation you want to be ready for. Make your goals specific to you for better achievement. 

4. Be Prepared to Change Old Habits

As college students we cling to bad habits in order to push through the craziness. This includes all night cramming sessions, forgetting to eat a meal or eating poorly and ignoring assignments until the last minute. These habits, and many others, that we as college students have are damaging and may be part of the way you want to change in the new year. Remember that to complete a goal successfully to the best of your ability, you may need to remove old habits or change them in order to stay on track. The same goes for New Year's resolutions. 

5. Forgive and Reward Yourself

Although everyone says you can treat yourself every once in a while, the reality is everyone makes mistakes and "falls off the wagon." If you eat that ice cream, skip that day at the gym or turn in that assignment late, remember that it is okay. Mistakes happen — we as college students are surely not immune to mistakes. So remember that it's one day in 365 and forgive yourself. As well as forgiveness, if you have been killing it on the path to your goal for months straight, one little reward is not going to hurt you or harm your goal. If anything, rewarding yourself will help you to keep pushing until it is time for that next reward. 

While adjusting to college in every aspect and taking on new goals for yourself and your life, its hard for anyone to consistently stay on track. Remember these five tips and remind yourself that you are young and have lots of time to do anything you are passionate about. With that, there is no way the motivation to stick to your resolutions won't be with you every step of the way. 

Lead Image Credit: Scape via Unsplash