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Nov 30 2016
by Stephanie Treanor

5 Ways to Motivate Yourself if You Haven't Visited Home Yet

By Stephanie Treanor - Nov 30 2016

Over the course of the last five months, you have moved in to a new place, made new friends, said goodbye to loved ones, started college and probably struggled, but the one thing you haven't done is gone home. Home will always be where you came from, where family is and somewhere to go back to. If you haven't been able to go home because it is too far, too expensive or just out of reach, here are some reasons to push through until you get to go back.

1. Think about your family.

If you are like most out-of-state students, you left because you are over your hometown and ready for something new to make for yourself. Just remember home is where your heart is, and where your mom and dad will cook you food and help you do laundry. It may be far and you may not have been back in a while, but your family is counting down the days until they get to hug you and make sure you actually are as "fine" as you say you are. 

2. You have already made it this far.  

These four, almost five, months have undoubtedly been hard. You are adjusting to a new atmosphere, new weather, new people and completely new learning environments. You should be clapping and patting yourself on the back. Some people cannot handle college, but you are almost eighth of the way done. Way to go! Keep doing what you're doing and stay sane until you're back home in your own bed.

3. The Holidays. 

If your family, your bed and no school for a month doesn't motivate you, think about the upcoming festivities. The holidays are coming which means decorations, the smell of pine needles, warm cookies and hot cocoa and, of course, food - real food! Think about it, you need to finish these last real days of school, kill it on your finals and hop on that plane or the freeway and it's a one-way ticket straight to the holidays. If you think about the red and green waiting for you at the end, it may help to get through until you get to go back to wherever home is.

4. The countdown.

You have been counting down the days until home for so long now it's an accomplishment to be so close to the end-goal. That countdown should empower you to keep going so when you get to see zero days you know you earned it.  Countdown those days and get your work done so when you get to go home it is all about R&R.

5. Furry friends.

If you really just can't find any more motivation to keep you going, remember the cute, furry animal routing for you back at home. They believe in you and you can make it until you see them. Remember how happy they are when you come home and how great that pet is to curl up with at night and watch a movie. You can do this, do it for your furry friends. 

Not only have you made it this far, but you have made it through the majority of your first semester of college - through drama, the same food for five months and without a hug from family. You're a badass and there is no denying that. Make it through these last weeks and those finals and remember: there is a light at the end of the tunnel. 

Lead Image Credit: Rowan Heuvel via Unsplash

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Stephanie Treanor - University of Portland

Im Stephanie Treanor! Im going to be a freshman at the University of Portland double majoring in Political Science and Sociology with a Criminology track! Go Pilots!

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