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Dec 13 2016
by Stephanie Treanor

10 Things You Actually Need to Pack for Winter Break

By Stephanie Treanor - Dec 13 2016

With finals the only thing keeping us from heading home, it's time to start packing — or at least think about packing. You will probably be home for a while, but also you likely have clothes waiting for you that you did not bring to college. When it comes to packing, we all tend to overpack, but remember this trip is home not somewhere else so try to only pack what you actually need. 

1. Electronics and Chargers

Although these are likely the last things you will be packing, do not forge them. When you're home and realize you left your laptop charger at school and you now have to buy one off of Amazon, you are going to be really unhappy with yourself. Remember that no electronic works without that pesky charger, and pack it. 

2. The Right Shoes

Whether you are going to home to heat or below freezing temperatures, every home has the right pair of shoes. If you're headed to snow and freezing weather, bring those boots you have at school so you don't get shut in all break or you don't freeze your feet. If you're headed to somewhere warm, likely it is a little chillier than normal so bring those sandals, but also bring a pair of tennis shoes for when it's "cold." 

3. Keys

Over break most colleges force you to lock up your rooms in hopes to keep everyone's things safe and to avoid any theft. Don't forget to bring your dorm key home with you, so when you come back to school you will be able to get back in to your room. Without that key it will be a struggle.  

4. Hygiene Products

This may seem obvious to most people, but any product you use at school and cannot easily replace while at home is probably something to bring with you. Whether it's an expensive face cream or your favorite lotion and perfume set, remember to pack those so you don't need to buy new ones or settle for different kinds while at home. 

5. Undergarments

Again, an obvious necessity, but remember how long you will be home. You are going to need more than five pairs of underwear, five pairs of socks and one bra. Make sure you are truly well prepared in the undergarments department so there is no need to buy more at home. 

6. A Jacket

This may be reliant on whether or not you are going home to snow, but even if there is not snow on the ground or weather below your comfort, bring a jacket. You may not need it to wear in the cold, but it is always nice to have that jacket you love to wear on lazy days or even to bed. 

7. Comfortable Clothes

Most of us are likely going home to relax, visit and eat for an entire month so remember to bring your comfy sweatpants, leggings or shorts. It doesn't matter what your level of comfort may be, as long as when you are taking your well deserved R&R, you can simply be in your element. 

8. One Nice Outfit

You know the holidays are coming and you know your parents are going to want to take that family picture on the big day, so just remember to bring that one nice shirt or dress for that day, even if you only wear it for five minutes to make family happy, don't forget it. 

9. Snacks

If you have a plane ride, a train ride or a drive, don't forget those snacks left in your dorm room that will likely be stale when you come back. Take them with and eat them while you are on your journey home. At least you will use them up instead of letting them go bad in your dorm room and having to throw things away when you get back. 

10. Gifts

If you bought or made any kind of gift for a parent, sibling, friend or even for yourself, don't forget to pack it and bring it home. Your family and friends will feel so special that you thought about them while away at school and you'll be excited to give them their presents. Don't forget to pack those special things in your bags. 

As a student headed home for a month, it's hard to realize what you actually need and what you can really live without. Remember to check your bags before leaving your dorm to make sure you have everything you need, and don't forget to unplug everything and say happy holidays to your roommate(s). 

Lead Image Credit: Ashim D'Silva via Unsplash

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