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Jun 30 2016
by Stephanie Treanor

10 Things None of Us Will Miss About High School

By Stephanie Treanor - Jun 30 2016
With a diploma in our hands and the overwhelming feelings in our hearts, we can finally reflect on the four years of torture and fun that has just ended. A major change is coming and reflection is a major part in moving on. It may be best to start with the easiest things to reflect and make a statement on. Now that we are alumnus, we no longer will put up with and will never miss these ten things.

1. Cafeteria Food

We have all been succumb to the oily, smelly and--frankly--sketchy food served in a high school cafeteria. Some schools may have better, catered choices or in my case, pre-packaged snacks. However those alternatives do not stop us from seeing and smelling the food that we are sure is not edible. 

2. Freshmen

Although we all are aware of our recently aquired freshmen identity, it's easy to see that high school freshmen and college freshmen are two different species. High school freshmen are the bane of all upper-classmen's existence. They complain about the easiest classes on campus, ask too many questions when you're not their encyclopedia and they think they are so much cooler because they are now in high school. Having to experience a new load of freshmen that somehow get cockier as they come is over. 

3. Lunch Lines

Even if you are just going to get a pre-packaged snack, we have all been in the lunch line at a high school when that first bell rings. It is not a pretty sight. There are always people who cut or the people who can't make up their mind as to what line they're in. Remember elementary school, when there was one line and we all waited our turns. What ever happened to that civilized thinking? 

4. Lame Dances

At my high school, we had three dances a year. Homecoming, Winter Formal and Prom. As the dances progress they get slightly classier and a little more fun. Dances, especially prom, are supposed to be a night of dancing, fun with friends, and elegance. However if you have ever been to a high school dance you know that none of that is the case. The "dancing" is unbearable, the fun turns illegal, and there is no elegance anywhere around the building. The DJ always plays last years hits and the venue is generally too small and way too hot. This experience may be once, or 12 times in a lifetime, but that lifetime is over. 

5. P.E. Classes

All high schools require some sort of physical education credit. Some count a sport or band as that credit; however, most high schools have classes you take to earn those credits. They have general sports classes, weight lifting, endurance, flexibility. No matter what kind of class it is and how amazing that teacher may be, nobody enjoys or gets anything out of that class. Never again will you have to run that forced mile in six minutes. 

6. Cliques

We've all seen the movies where there are a group of girls who everyone knows as the popular girls and there are the jocks, and nerds and the cheerleaders. The movies were not completely accurate but the cliques do exist. We all had the "popular girls and guys," and the football guys, some may have had the basketball guys. Theres always the band kids and the theatre kids. The seperation of these groups definitely happens in high schools around the country. Now none of us will have to fall into a clique based on where we sit at lunch. 

7. Standardized Testing

Every state in America requires a "state-mandated test." Mine was AIMS, then its was AZMerit. However no matter what part of the country you reside in, you took a test similar to that. They tested your skills in math, reading, and writing. Occasionally they would add science into the mix as well. Then junior year you have to worry about the SAT and the ACT. More tests to determing your future. We were forced into testing that showed and compared our merit to every other student in your state and in the country. But that's over now, for most of us. 

8. AP Classes

AP students are easily identifiable. They generally will either come right out and correct you that their class is AP or they will constantly discuss their AP class. These kids, as I was one of them, take the classes to earn the credit and boost their GPA. However now that we are all in the "real world," every class we take at our subsequent college or university is technically an AP Class. So no more worrying about avoiding the AP students or the class all together, and say goodbye to those long tests in April that dont tell you how you did until July. 

9. Annoying Bell Schedules

Although every school does it differently and possibly more efficiently, we have all been hearded around by bells signalling our movements for the last four years. Personally, my school had 5 possible schedules we could have been on, and as as senior I still had to ask what class I should have been going to. Most high schools have either a very similar situation or one set schedule that doesnt change. No matter what kind of schedule you had, you're no longer one of the many cattle they are hearding with the annoying bell. 

10. Practice Drills

Lockdowns. Fire Drills. "Shelter in Place." No matter the kind of drill, we all know the proticol. Get away from windows, everyone goes to one corner, gets down on the ground. No talking and yet another bell will tell you when it's safe to come out of the drill. The meaning behind participating in these drills is absolutely understood. Bad things can happen, especially on a school campus. However, the lengthy, overdone nature of these is what makes them easy to forget. 

Don't ever forget the amazing experiences, incredible teachers and best friends you made during this exciting time in your life. However, not every experience was a great experience over the last four years. There are always going to be some you can laugh at and think about never partaking in again. 

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