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Aug 30 2017
by Stella Henry

15 Thoughts Every Freshman Has On Move-in Day

By Stella Henry - Aug 30 2017

For most freshmen, moving into college is marked by many feelings and emotions, and with good reason. Venturing out alone for the very first time can leave a person with many suspicions and unanswered questions that they think they are alone in having, and therefore they never talk about them. This leads to somewhat of a vicious cycle. Students are embarrassed to talk about their thoughts, so they never get talked about, which makes them even more embarrassed (and so on and so on). News flash: There are essentially two types of students — those that think these thoughts and those that lie about not thinking them. Here are just a few of those thoughts. 

1. *Wakes up* "Today's the day! Shoot, I've barely started packing!"

As humans, many of us are pretty much wired to wait till the last minute to do anything, and packing for college is no exception.

2. "It's 8:30 in the morning. If I hear one more student leader shout, 'Welcome to X University' I might just start shouting myself, and not in a good way."

I appreciate the move-in crew's dedication, but seriously. I'm nervous enough without everyone yelling in my face.

3. "How in the world am I going to drag this stuff up four flights of stairs? They should really install elevators in this place."

If you're on the first floor, you're good. If you're not, well, good luck.

4. *Looks at what roommate brought* "And to think I thought I over-packed!"

Why does the concept of "room as small as a shoe-box" not resonate with people? Students that feel the need to bring a boat-load full of stuff never cease to amaze me.

5. "What should I ask my roommate first: Where they're from or what their major is?"

I know, they're the most cliché questions ever, but it's really all I can think of to ask after lugging all that stuff up the stairs.

6. "On second thought, I already found out the answer to both of those questions by stalking them on social media. I better ask anyway so I won't look like a weirdo."

This is one of those things that we all do, but are never brave enough to admit.

7. "Even though I told you to choose whatever bed you want, I'm secretly hoping that you don't choose the one I want."

"Oh, what's that? You want the bottom bunk?" ...OK.

8. "Wow. I never realized how many cute guys/girls there are at this school."

I wonder if any of them are single.

9. "Two truths and a lie: I'm super excited/nervous for college, I love icebreakers and I hate ice breakers."

Did you guess which one was a lie? Icebreakers are cool and all — for the first five minutes. After that, they get pretty tiring. You know what would be better than ice breakers? Ice cream.

10. "Despite the fact that I'm acting like my mom and dad leaving me is no big deal, I'm actually about to burst into tears."

And here come the water works.

11. "Look at all the food! I'm only now beginning to see why the 'freshman 15' is a thing."

You think it's made up. That is, until you've gained five pounds after two weeks.

12. "These showers are impossible to turn on. I would ask someone for help, but that would be embarrassing."

Is it just me, or is turning on any shower except your own the equivalent to solving a Rubix cube?

13. "What if I never figure out how to turn it on? I'll end up not being able to shower until Thanksgiving break."

I actually read an article recently that said that humans don't need to shower. Not that I would ever follow that advice.

14. "I never thought that people could find it in them to get drunk on the first day, but boy was I proven wrong."

Whatever you do, don't throw up on the carpet.

15. "Here's to the next four years."

Translation: I'm terrified. And excited. At. The. Same. Time.

Of course, not every student will think all of these things, but the premise is all the same: Whether it's about a roommate, ice-breaking sessions or bidding our parents farewell, we all think things we don't say. The irony is that we think we are the only ones who think these things. In reality, no one is alone in how they feel on move-in day. In fact, having thoughts about things that may seem inappropriate to state out loud is something that ties students together, not something that brings them apart. So when you find yourself not being able to turn the shower on, realize that the kid in the shower next to you is most likely having the same problem. 

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