In order to stay hydrated in college, a good water bottle is an essential purchase. However, there are dozens of water bottle brands, and as a college student, you want to be sure that you're buying something that is worth your money. If you don't know where to start with your search, browse the next eight subheadings to choose what function you want your water bottle to play, and there'll be a recommendation for each! Not only are the water bottles listed under these subheadings stylish, but they're also able to serve different needs. Whether you're an athlete or a more casual water-drinker, theres something on this list for you.

1. Practical

With a wide range of colors and styles, Hydro Flask makes the most practical everyday water bottles. These stainless steel bottles have a double wall of insulation that keeps cold drinks cold — and hot drinks hot — all day. There's also a flexible cap and a unique finish on the bottles that allows for good grip. There are eight different sizes to choose from. Hydro Flask bottles are simple, yet well-crafted and versatile, making them a great casual water bottle.

2. Filtered

Water bottles that also act as filters are ideal for students going to college in the city, or for students who will have questionable tap water available to them most of the time. However, instead of going out and immediately buying a Brita water bottle, consider one from Water Bobble instead. Not only are these water bottles super cute, but they're also BPA (toxin) free and get generally better reviews than Brita bottles. There are refills available for the filters online, and the curved shape of the bottle makes it an all-around unique buy. 

3. Infused

Acquablend fruit infusing water bottles are made from BPA-free plastic, are very tough and are leak-proof. It's also important to note that these bottles are one of the easier kinds of infuser bottles to clean — the fruit-holding part can completely separate from the top of the bottle and the bottle itself. You can basically just dump out and rinse the fruit canister, which is simple and an important time-saver. This straightforward bottle makes adding fruit flavor to your water no hassle. It even comes in three different sizes. 

4. Athletic

Anyone who enjoys strenuous physical activity will love the Polar Bottle — an insulated, toxin-free, plastic water bottle. Some versions come with a unique "high flow cap" for athletes, which allows for more water to come out than would the usual cap. These bottles also have an ever-growing variety of patterns to choose from, including state flags and team colors.

5. Thermal

Thermos makes an array of versatile products for storing either temperature-sensitive liquids at home or on the go. It uses super cool vacuum insulation to make sure outside temperatures can't touch it's contents. 

6. Portable

I'm not sure if Vapur bottles are even considered water bottles — their website endearingly calls them "anti-bottles." Constructed from three durable layers of toxin-free plastic, this anti-bottle is foldable, washable and even freezable. Once you're out of water, this flexible, pouch-like "bottle" can fold up and fit into your backpack easily, making it the most friendly for students that are constantly looking for ways to save space in their bags. 

7. Unique

The Memobottle is definitely more of a conversation starter than anything. It has a smart angular design that makes it slim enough to fit in a purse or laptop case. The fact that it also comes in two different sizes allows you to pick one that'll fit perfectly in whatever bag you choose to use that day.  

8. Glass

BKR water bottles are notorious for their simple, expensive-looking aesthetic, and they sell out quite fast. Exclusive collections come out for every season, so collecting them could be fun. However, their sturdy glass in a protective rubber lining is what really makes them a high quality choice of water bottle. 

Any of the above water bottles are durable and nice looking choices. Hopefully they last you at least your freshman year, and serve to get you excited to stay well-hydrated on campus. 

  • Lead Image Credit: Evitaochel via Pixabay