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Jun 14 2016
by Sophie Bodo

10 Things You Experienced If You Went To a Super Small High School

By Sophie Bodo - Jun 14 2016

The number of students enrolled in my high schools is 263. My class, one of the bigger ones in the school, only had about 75 students in it. The number of freshman students enrolled in my university is over 3,500. Knowing this, I have come to realize there are a few things that I (and anyone else who graduated from a small school) may never experience again once we go to college.

1. The lunch/office ladies were generous in their IOU’s.

Whether you needed an extra 25 cents to pay for that infamous taco in a bag or $4.75 because you forgot all your money, they always pulled through for you.

2. You could name every classmate’s older sister’s ex-boyfriends.

Someone could ask for a list and you would be able to name each of them for you in chronological order (and probably what years they were dating, too).

3. The dating pool would shrink every time your best friend started dating/broke up with someone.

Not that the dating pool was exactly huge to begin with, but we all know dating a guy your BFF already dated is against every rule in the book.

4. The teachers let you know what you missed while you were sick.

You were never alone, even when your teacher swore she wouldn't remind you this time.

5. Most student athletes played more than one sport.

Some were even tri-athletes. There was a never a time when they didn’t say, “I can’t, I have practice.”

6. The school plays lacked male performers.

And when there were male performers, there was a good chance they, as well as most the rest of the cast/crew, missed a few practices due to #5.

7. You couldn’t gossip about teachers.

The odds were they were the parent of one of your classmates, which would lead to a very awkward conversation.

8. Any class event/trip was executed to a T.

The senior prank? 75 kids blowing up thousands of balloons throughout the school at 2 AM. The senior trip? That one time the class shared Tums on the way home because everyone had Taco Bell for dinner.

9. There are some traditions that just can’t be explained.

Why do we sing “Don’t Stop Believin’” at every school dance ever and cry? I don’t think anybody knows.

10. Your class was a family, no matter what.

There's really no other way to say it.

Lead image credit: Sophie Bodo

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Sophie Bodo - Bowling Green State University

Sophie hails from a small Ohio town 40 minutes west of Pittsburgh where she can typically be seen driving her minivan wherever her photography leads.

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