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Aug 10 2017
by Sophia Fredrickson

A Thank You to the Friends Who Stuck by Me Throughout High School

By Sophia Fredrickson - Aug 10 2017

Best friends are the people who are always there for you. They are the people who stick by your side and care about your daily life. They are the friends who are there for the good and the bad times. They are lovely people that are a positive support system. People who make you laugh and cry tears of joy.

I am lucky enough to have best friends in my life. I am surrounded by people who are my loyal supporters. These best friends deserve to be recognized and thanked for all that they have done for me throughout my life. Here I am to write a letter just for them, to let them know why they are such an important part of my life, so here it goes. 

Dear best friends,

Thank you for growing up with me.

From as early as pre-school and elementary school, I’ve known you both forever. We have grown in so many ways throughout the years and I am so thankful that I got to do it with you two. I never recognized how lucky I was to have you both until I realized how long you guys have stuck by my side. We went through those awkward years of puberty together and grew to be successful young women together as well. I thank you girls for being my side kicks as I took on my teenage years and as we continue now to the future.  

Sophia Fredrickson 

Thank you for laughing with me.

Every time that I am with you two I am hysterically laughing, usually laughing till the point of tears, which is one of my favorite things about you both. I am so glad that I have two people that I am constantly smiling with and cracking jokes. We can never be too serious and I enjoy that because laughter is the key to happiness in my book. 

Sophia Fredrickson 

Thank you for letting me be myself. 

I think we all know that we can be a little weird at times. I never thought that I would be able to find a group of girls that I could be 100 percent myself with, but I found something even better. I found a group of girls that loved me for my quirks and unique features and that group is you two. I never have to question the way I am acting or worry about what you are thinking of me because I know that you both are wholeheartedly accepting and a little weird too.

Sophia Fredrickson 

Thank you for supporting me.

Everything that I have wanted to accomplish has been fully supported by you two. As I was feeling lost about college and finally decided on a major you were both there to cheer me on the whole way and let me know that I can do anything I set my mind to. You guys do not understand how much I appreciate your support of my writings. A huge smile always grows on my face when I know that I will always have you two as my number one fans no matter what I am doing. 

Sophia Fredrickson 

And lastly, thank you for just being my friends. 

With so much love, 

Your best friend.

Showing appreciation is such an important part of successful relationships. Letting others know what you cherish about them can not only grow you closer to one another but can create an immense feeling of love. Don't let time go by without letting the ones you love know how important they are to you, because you never know when your last opportunity will be. 

Lead Image Credit: Sophia Fredrickson 

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Sophia Fredrickson - Purdue University

Sophia Fredrickson is a freshman at Purdue University majoring in Professional Writing. She has an immense passion for writing and spending time with the people that she loves. Follow her on Instagram @sophiefredrickson98

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