Everyone knows of these pop sensations for their hit songs and sold-out concerts. For most of them, it can likely be hard to imagine what they would do other than climb the charts on the Billboard Top 100. But for a second, let's imagine what these stars would be like if they were freshmen in college, just like us.

1. Ed Sheeran (#1 "Shape of You")

This British singer-songwriter spends his days sleeping through classes and his nights up late drinking with his friends and writing songs on his guitar, waking up his entire dorm floor. He’s an undecided major because he’s just trying to figure life out one moment at a time. He’s that one kid on campus you see around every now and then, but can’t pinpoint what groups he’s in or what club he is a part of. Occasionally you will see him in the back of class, headphones in, scribbling lyrics on the pages where his calculus notes should be. While he will hold the door open for you as you enter the student union and give you a quick smile, he does not try to strike up any kind of conversation. 

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2. Taylor Swift (#3 "I Don't Wanna Live Forever")

Taylor is the girl who is always put together for class: rain, snow or sun, she is put together and ready to take on the day. An early riser, she wakes up her floor with her singing in the shower before her 9 A.M. classes everyday — classes that she would not dare to miss. She's a new member of her sorority and while she goes out with them, she never drinks too much or gets too crazy. A nursing major, her goal is to eventually be a pediatric nurse. She's a member of four different clubs on campus in addition to her sorority and you can always catch her smiling at strangers on her way to class. 

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3. The Chainsmokers (#7 "Closer")

The Chainsmokers are your typical frat boys: partying every weekend, sleeping through class and staying up all night messing around with each other. These boys know how to have a good time. And it does not help that they are roommates. They wake up most mornings with someone else in their bed and their phones are always blowing up with girls texting them and guys telling them when the next big party is. 


4. Drake (#11 "Fake Love")

Drake is a benched player member on the basketball team and ultimately gets put down a lot. He never fights back though because his rep as "the nice kid on the basketball team" is too good for that. He tries to act tough and manly but has a soft spot for sorority girls. Everyone thinks he's hot and wants to get with him, though no one ever can because he is more than just a hook-up kind of guy. He is an English major and wants to write beautiful poetry for beautiful girls while still working out in the gym and staying tough.


5. The Weeknd (#12 "Starboy")

The Weeknd is that mysterious guy on campus everyone tries to figure out, but can't. No one knows what he is up to half the time and it seems like he disappears right after classes are over. He always tries to fly under the radar but he knows that other people are interested in his life, so he plays up that mysterious boy role. When he smiles at you in class, you don't know if he is flirting, being friendly or not even looking at you. 


6. Rhianna (#13 "Love on the Brain")

Rhianna went into college with a boyfriend from high school and kept to herself because of him and his controlling nature. She did not have many girl friends and would always snap at people if they even looked at her in the wrong way. She often designs her own clothes and has a very edgy and unique sense of style. A music major, Rhianna spends a lot of her time in the performing arts center creating new songs on the piano. 

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7. Ariana Grande (#18 "Side to Side")

Ariana never shows up to class without her make up and hair done and is constantly flirting with the boys in her class, in line for Starbucks, on the bus and when she is out at night. Occasionally skipping class to shop, Ariana does not take her fashion merchandising major too seriously. She does hope to one day be president of her sorority and is predicted to be the sweetheart of almost every frat on campus. 


8. Justin Timberlake (#22 "Can't Stop the Feeling")

Justin attends class religiously and always whistles with a little skip in his step on his walk there. He always has a girlfriend but gets very emotional when she attends parties without him. He will pick her up from her night out every night to make sure that she gets home safely and is up in time to make her classes. He's a music major, but feels the pressure from his parents to be extremely successful and is often told that he should switch his major to accounting or business. He is hoping that throughout college he will find himself and is always seen with a smile on his face. 


9. Adele (#30 "Water Under the Bridge")

Adele is a beautiful girl who is very comfortable and confident in her own body. She is in a long distance relationship, but is doing absolutely fine with it. She writes songs about the boys who wrong her friends and is always a shoulder to cry on for anyone who needs it. She is not a fan of sweaty basement parties, but much more into wine nights. An English major with a minor in philosophy, Adele is a cool girl who also manages to attend every women's rights rally. She works at her campus's self-help hotline and is devoted to making the world a better and more beautiful place. 

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10. Sia (#32 "Cheap Thrills")

Sia prides herself in being different and not following the typical trends and the crowd. She wears unique outfits to parties and never follows the theme. Her friends call her queen because she always attracts attention when she walks into a building and does not take criticism from anyone.  She majors in earth science and wants to help prevent the extinction of animals and focus on how we as humans can prevent climate change. But, she longs to be a singer. At night, you can find Sia with her Indie-Rock-Pop band at local coffee shops around town. 


From English 101 to the Billboard Top 100, all of these pop icons had to start out somewhere. So even though right now you may feel like you are in the never ending cycle of college stress, one day, you could have the number one spot too.

Lead Image Credit: Neil Godding via Unsplash.com