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Dec 03 2016
by Sophia Blake

5 Ways to Overcome the Post-Thanksgiving Break Funk

By Sophia Blake - Dec 03 2016

Returning back to campus after Thanksgiving break brought on this gloomy feeling, and I noticed it was not just me feeling this way. Many of my friends and the people I saw around campus seemed to be in this post-Thanksgiving break funk. After being home in the comfort of your own bed, eating your favorite foods and being around your family for only a short week or so makes returning back to a small dorm room and limited dining hall seem miserable. But, first semester is almost over, and here are five ways to make these last few weeks enjoyable.

1. Go to a sports game or club event.

Many schools have sporting events or other club events going on constantly throughout the year, and most people do not even realize it. When you return back to campus from Thanksgiving, use these events as the opportunity to get out and do something fun that also supports your school. Hearing the cheering from the crowd and seeing the amount of support that your campus has for your school will remind you of the little things that make college so memorable.

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2. Don’t lose motivation.

Yes, the semester is almost over, but before the semester can end, finals must be taken. The time between two breaks can be a long, dreadful period where motivation seems non-existent. Don’t lose motivation. If you stay on track with your work, your health and anything else that keeps you motivated, you will feel better about yourself instead of feeling down. The last few weeks of the semester are some of the most vital weeks. Do not let the post-Thanksgiving funk get in the way of things that you have worked hard on all semester. You’ll regret it later.

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3. Try something new.

Now is the time to try something new. You may feel like after you went home, returning back to campus brings the same exact schedule every single day. Try something new. Just because it is the end of the semester does not mean it is too late to start something. Join a new club or explore a part of campus you have not been to. It will make the patterns that you developed before Thanksgiving break much less monotonous. Plus, it will give you an upper hand when you return to campus in the spring.

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4. Have a friends' night.

One of the best parts about college is the friends that you have made. Especially first semester of freshman year, when you are still getting to know the ins and outs of the friends you met just a few months ago. Have a friends night. A night like this will be drama free and allow you to take off some of the stress that the end of the semester can bring. It is a fun way to lift everyone’s spirits and keep each other occupied, instead of dwelling on the fact that you may miss home. Friends are the best distractions in college, so embrace them.

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5. Embrace the holiday season.

It's the holiday season, and that always brings positivity. Embrace the happiness this season brings to everyone, instead of thinking about the time spent at school in between breaks. Decorate your dorm room festively and do all the cliché holiday things. More than likely, if you wrap yourself in a blanket with hot chocolate and put on a holiday movie, you will feel happier than if you dwell on the stress that this time of year brings.

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With finals coming up and a month-long break not so shortly after that, finding the motivation and the positivity to keep going through these next few weeks can be tough. If you focus on the little, happy things that your college campus has to offer and embrace the positive elements of this time of year, the post-Thanksgiving funk that seems to be sweeping college campuses will start to go away. And if you and your friends start spreading happy vibes throughout campus, it will begin to catch on, and the time from now until winter break will fly by. 

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Sophia Blake - University of Maryland, College Park

Sophia Blake is a sophomore at the University of Maryland-College Park and is a Communication major. She loves singing and music, is a Chipotle-enthusiast, and loves books, coffee, and naps

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