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Oct 08 2017
by Sonia Selvakumar

10 Things You Can Learn From "Friends" About Succeeding In Class

By Sonia Selvakumar - Oct 08 2017

"Friends" was a big hit back in the day, and it still is. Ever think of what you learned from watching all those episodes? In "Friends," there are so many life lessons and tips that you can use in college to help you succeed in class. Since there are ten seasons of "Friends," here are ten tips that will hopefully motivate and assist you in doing well for a class. 

1.  Have friends that will help to motivate you.

Nothing beats having friends that motivate you when you are working on an assignment or preparing for a big test. In one of the episodes, Ross created a schedule for Joey to work on his acting. Ross kept motivating Joey to do the best and made sure he finished whatever he had to do for the day. You should surround yourself with a friend like Ross to help you get on the right track. 

2. Don't skip class.

If you want to succeed in a class, don't skip it. Say no to excuses because it won't help you. Go to class even if you don't feel like it, so you don't end up missing a pop-up quiz or important topics that were covered on that day. 

3. Get enough sleep before a morning class.

Morning classes are the worst, and everyone hates them. If you have the option of staying away from morning classes, do it. If you aren't as lucky, the best thing you can do is to get enough sleep the night before. If you don't get a good rest, you'll end up sleeping through your class. We can learn this lesson from Chandler when he didn't get enough sleep one night before work and accidentally accepted a job that required him to travel to Tulsa. By looking at this, you can tell how important it is to stay awake for a class or work. 

4. Try your best at what you're working on.

Whether it be an assignment or a small quiz, make sure to try your best at it and give your all. When Phoebe and Monica were planning Rachel's party, Phoebe only had cups and ice to work with, but that didn't stop her. She ended up stealing the spotlight and made the party amazing with just two items. If you're working on the smallest assignment with a maximum grade of two points, make sure that you still do your best. 

5. Grammar and spelling are important.

For those taking a writing class, make sure you write using proper grammar and spelling. You wouldn't want to embarrass yourself by misspelling a word you shouldn't have or using the wrong term in a sentence. Throughout "Friends," we constantly see Ross correcting grammar or spelling mistakes made by someone in the group. For example, he would constantly point out the difference between "who" and "whom." If you happen to be watching Friends, you should look out for those corrections. It might actually help you someday.

6. Never give up.

Joey is known for being the "dumb" one in the show, and you're probably thinking that he would be the last person you would go to for advice. You're wrong. Let's say you got a bad grade on a test, and you think that you might fail this class which leads you to give up. Joey taught us to never give up. He went on many auditions and ended up not getting roles in a movie or a show. He never gave up. He continued to go on more auditions and landed a big role like Dr. Drake Ramoray. Even if you fail sometimes, that's okay. If you keep going, you might end up succeeding. 

7. Say yes to extra credit.

In most classes, there should be some kind of extra credit available for you to boost up a grade. When you come across that opportunity, go for it. Don't assume that you won't need it, because you never know. Put in the extra effort to get the work done and get ahead of the class. You should always strive to work more than what is given. You'll thank yourself later. Monica always went the extra mile in everything she did, especially when it comes to cleaning. She always made sure her apartment was in perfect condition even when she didn't need to, but still chose to do it. 

8. Always be prepared.

To succeed in a class, make sure that you're always prepared and aware of what's going on. Ross taught the concept of "unagi" to Rachel and Phoebe, which meant that you have to be in a state of awareness and prepared for any danger. In terms of being prepared in a class, you could get ahead by studying materials the week before it will be covered. Constantly be aware of what's going to happen in class, check if there are any assignments due and make sure you work on them immediately. You wouldn't want to be surprised by any assignments you didn't know about and hadn't started on. 

9. If you don't know, ask.

Ever been in a situation where you're unsure of a certain phrase but too afraid to ask? Me, too. When you're in a class filled with a hundred people, it can be intimidating to ask a question out loud, due to the fear of being judged or laughed at. From watching "Friends," you'll learn to overcome that fear and just ask. And if people do judge, who cares? At least you had the courage to do so, and you'll learn something in the end. 

10. It's okay to have a little help.

Working alone can be depressing and difficult sometimes. Work on assignments with other people in your class because they might be struggling too. This provides a win on both sides because they can help you with a question you aren't sure of and vice versa. In "Friends," the whole show is about how everyone is helping each other out and making their lives better. Even though it feels settling to get things done on your own, don't shut out someone who can help you, because you won't be able to solve all the problems on your own. 

If you're a "Friends" lover, I'm pretty sure you've noticed these life lessons as well. Classes can be stressful sometimes and you might feel like you're drowning in all the work you have to complete. College years can be the best time of your life, but there are times when it can get difficult. Hopefully, you related to these situations as I did. Try these solutions out, it's worth a shot. And remember, if you don't do well at first, just keep going. 

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