There are two main types of roommates: the one who will annoy you constantly and the one who will become your close friend. We all want the roommate who is going to be our best friend because there is nothing better than living with your best friend. If you currently have a roommate, you'll probably recognize some of these roles they have taken.

1. The Alarm Clock

This roommate will be your lifesaver, because if you accidentally hit that "off'" button on your alarm, this person might save you from your huge mistake. They will be the one who will remember your morning classes and wake you up for them. If your roommate is the one who would do this, that is when you know you've found the perfect match. Make sure to thank him or her for being the best.

2. The Fashionista

This roommate will be your personal stylist, the one who will tell you the truth about your style, what not to wear and what to wear, what to throw out and what to keep. This roommate will probably be the most honest one out of the others, but make sure to appreciate this quality because you don't want to go out looking sloppy!

3. The Personal Trainer

This roommate will be your guide to achieving that perfect summer body. They will be the one who will be pushing you to hit the gym every day and the one you would probably hate the most, but remember that they are doing it because they love you and want you to be your healthiest self.

4. The Tutor

This roommate is the one who you will need the most throughout the semester. They're the one who will be by your side when you're having trouble with your homework and the one who will be forcing you to attend those dreadful classes! Trust me, this roommate will help you a lot and get you through those tough times.

5. The Eating Buddy

This roommate will always be up for a food adventure or just a simple lunch during a break. They're the one who you will always go to if you want to get breakfast, lunch or dinner.  

6. The Best Friend

This roommate will be on your wish list when living with someone. They end up being your best friend and you'll keep in touch with them after college. Also, they will take on all of the roles listed above.

Roommates can be fun to have because they will fill that void you have and make you less lonely! However, remember to not be too dependent on them, as when it is time to separate, you'll have the hardest and most awful experience doing so. Good luck to those in search for a new roommate and for those who already have one, hopefully you already have the perfect roommate!

Lead Image Credit: Pexels