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Sep 22 2017
by Sonia Selvakumar

7 Things Girls Can Relate To During The Fall Season

By Sonia Selvakumar - Sep 22 2017

When you start noticing the leaves from trees change to a different color, and then start falling down one by one, that's when you know fall is coming. The burning sun changes to a breeze of cool air, and the temperature starts dropping. Fall is here! When talking about fall, girls tend to get hyped up and excited about it. Here are seven things girls can relate to during the fall season. 

1. Pumpkin spice everything.

Fall is the time for pumpkins, and if you're a girl, you'll know what I'm talking about. The list goes from lattes to cakes or cereals. There are even pumpkin-flavored pastas which is when it gets really creative. Girls will try to find anything edible and add ingredients like pumpkin puree to make it fall themed. 

2. A change of wardrobe.

As soon as it's October, say goodbye to shorts and hello to leggings. A typical girl fall outfit would include a thick sweater, a scarf, leggings, boots and a floppy hat to tie the look together. Clothing items that also fall into this category include flannels, beanies, sweatpants and an oversized cardigan. Even if it's too hot to wear all these layers, you can bet that girls will find a way to dress for the season.

3. A transformed makeup look.

With outfits changing, you'll start noticing changes in their makeup as well, with a theme of cool and warm tones on eyeshadows and lip colors. An eyeshadow look would mostly consist of colors such as red or a deep orange, paired with a dark purple or a maroon lip. To match the makeup look, you'll also see a change in nail color, to shades like dark maroon. 

4. Fall candles.

Around this time, girls would be candle-obsessed. Bath and Body Works usually serves the best collection of candles, with scents such as 'Marshmallow Fireside,' 'Bourbon Maple' and the obvious pumpkin scent, would definitely be on their candle checklist. As soon as they head back home, not one, but multiple candles will be lit at the same time and create a combination of strong scents that say "fall is here."

5. Room decorating.

Entering a girl's room in the fall will make you wonder if the room was designed by a professional. But no, suddenly girls turn into an interior designer and give their rooms a huge makeover in the fall. Fake leaves on the dresser, fall bedsheets, candles on every table in the room, fairy lights turned on and hung, once you see these decorations in a girl's room, that's when you know it's fall. 

6. Switching up hair colors.

During summer, girls will usually go for a lighter hair color that fits with the vibe. However, in the fall, they'll be looking to change their lighter hair to a darker shade. Finding the perfect shade of color to dye their hair is an extremely important decision that most girls end up turning to Pinterest for some inspiration. 

7. Pictures on Instagram.

Keeping up with the pumpkin theme, Instagram posts will consist a lot of pumpkins, fallen leaves and fall outfits. Don't get too surprised or annoyed if you think you saw the same picture twice, they just want to celebrate the season!

It makes sense to see so much excitement for one season. Before that was spring and summer, and you hardly see much change for those seasons. When fall comes, there's just so much happening; Black Friday shopping, Halloween, Thanksgiving...who wouldn't be happy? These are just some of the many things girls enjoy during fall.

Lead Image Credit: Pexels

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