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Jul 14 2017
by Skylar Kaplan

5 Things to Expect at Ohio State Orientation

By Skylar Kaplan - Jul 14 2017

Orientation. The daunting word that every freshman faces, mainly because it is a big unknown. However, if you know what to expect, then the process shouldn't be a cause for worry, but rather a means of excitement! Below are a list of things to expect and look forward to at your orientation at The Ohio State University. 

1. You get a peer leader.

One of the first things that happens when you show up to orientation is that you are given a folder with plenty of handouts and a sticker on the front that assigns you to a peer leader. The first year experience at Ohio State includes this program that works to make freshmen feel comfortable on campus, allowing them to connect with the university, which they believe is the first step to success. The peer leaders assist you throughout orientation and are there for you throughout the whole first year on campus.

2. Plenty of informational sessions.

Prepare for the college lectures to start, even at orientation. All of the lectures are informational and helpful so it is actually in your best interest to listen and take notes. You're advised to bring something to take notes with and something to store your folders and notes in. Some of the informational sessions are worked into everyone's schedule, however, some of them are extra. It is best to get the orientation app, which includes a schedule of all of the additional sessions, such as a study abroad session, a dorm tour and a Greek life session. If you feel unsure about the opportunities and life on campus, these sessions will make you feel as though you already attended the school for years. Also, parents are able to attend a majority of the sessions and even some of their own sessions.

3. You get your official BuckID card.

The BuckID is the official student identification card that everyone on campus must have. With this said, that means that it does require a picture, so come looking however you would like to look on that card for the next four years. There is an opportunity to take the picture both days of orientation, so if you forget about it the first day, don't stress out! 

4. You get your schedule.

The second day of orientation is primarily about getting your schedule. Every student is assigned an advisor based on your focused area of study. This advisor is yours for the next four years, so it is important to get to know them well. You get an assigned time to meet with your advisor at the informational session under your area of interest. When you go to meet with your advisor, they help plan out the best schedule for you based on your interests. Make sure to ask as many questions as you need to get a full understanding of your plan, because you will most likely not be with your advisor when working out the actual schedule online (that depends on your advisor). When you plan your schedule online, you enter all of your courses and there will be options that are configured based on the times that each class offered. It is very easy just to pick the one that you believe works with your preferences.

5. You make new friends.

This may sound cheesy, but it is true. Everyone at orientation is in the same boat, so it is the perfect opportunity to meet people who will all be attending school with you in the fall. Put yourself out there and talk to people, because it is a great way to start finding familiar faces on campus. The perfect time to talk to people is before your advising informational session starts, because you will be surrounded by people looking to study the same thing, which means you will most likely be in classes together and you already have one thing in common.

Orientation may sound scary, but in the end, it is exciting and the perfect opportunity to get comfortable with the campus. Make sure to go in open minded and to enjoy those two days, because making the most of those two days will help you to make the most of the next four years!

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Skylar Kaplan - Ohio State University

Skylar Kaplan is a freshman at The Ohio State University majoring in Fine Arts with a focus in Art and Technology. At her High School she was in Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA) and was Editor-in-Chief of the yearbook.

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