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Feb 12 2018
by Simren Bhatt

5 Ways To Better Take Care of Yourself in College

By Simren Bhatt - Feb 12 2018

As a college student, your body is most likely normalized to the feeling of stress. Often you ignore the impact the stress is causing because there is an absence of any physical pain. However, you must learn to understand your body and its limits because your health is extremely important. Without your health, you will not be able to even focus in your classes or enjoy quality time with friends and family. Taking care of yourself is not a luxury, but it is a necessity! Here are a few ways you can take care of yourself better as a busy college student: 

1. Write everything down in a planner or journal.

You might think that you will just “remember” all of your assignments or club meetings in your head, but you are bound to forget at least one thing one of these days. By writing everything down, you will eliminate the chances of forgetting to hand in a paper or not knowing when your next exam is. I recommend investing in an inexpensive notebook or even using an online platform, like Google Docs, to serve as a planner. Stop unnecessarily straining your mind to remember due dates and write everything down in one place.

2. Get enough sleep.

As college students, I know it is hard to get a full eight hours of sleep. Although pulling all-nighters might come second nature to you, it definitely puts a strain on your health. The key to being well-rested is actually just planning your day really well. If you know exactly what you need to do hour-by-hour then you can leave a chunk of time open every night to get your beauty sleep. It will obviously take time to incorporate this practice in your daily life, but just remember that sleep should be made a priority!

3. Practice meditation. 

Meditation is the best way you can relax your mind after a long day. It does not have to be fancy or religious in any way (unless you want it to be). Just sit down on your dorm floor, close your eyes, cross your legs and clear all the negative thoughts from your mind. Think about something that transports you to a serene atmosphere and brings you peace. Scheduling even only five minutes a day strictly towards mediation can improve an individual's overall mood and any anxiety he or she might be experiencing. So start clearing your head and start meditating!

4. Stay active.

Leaving a warm bed to go exercise is probably the worst. However, you do not have to dread staying active. If you are a person who absolutely hates running, then do not run! Do something that you genuinely like to do. Maybe you can take a long walk around campus with some friends or go dancing. The point is for you to incorporate some form of physical activity in your daily life in order to stay healthy. This physical activity does not have to be straining; it should be fun!

5. Schedule time for yourself away from social media.

Social media can be very addicting so it is extremely important to set aside time to just think. Some activities you can do to clear your head can include exploring nature, drawing or even reading your favorite book. The pressure to do well in college can be extremely stressful, so engaging in a little "me-time" is necessary to calm the mind and nerves. With that being said, isolating yourself from the rest of the world for a little while is completely normal. 

It is very often that young people take their health for granted and do not take care for themselves the way they should. Neglecting your health now can potentially have a powerful negative impact on your overall well-being in the future. Thus, please remember to keep these tips in mind when you feel overwhelmed because you deserve to be happy and healthy always!

Lead Image Credit: Rodolfo Sanches Carvalho via Unsplash

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