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Aug 22 2017
by Shelby Nicole Everett

5 Ways To Tell If You've Outgrown Someone

By Shelby Nicole Everett - Aug 22 2017

Being in love is a double-edged sword. With love comes pain, but it is also a wonderful experience. When you have been with someone for so long, it becomes second nature to be with them. You learn all of their quirks, their flaws, their passions. You learn what makes them happy, what makes them angry and what they love the most in life. It becomes as normal as folding clothes. It becomes a routine. Sometimes you enjoy the routine, but sometimes you get burnt out. Sometimes we only stay with someone because we’re used to them. Stepping outside our comfort zones can be uncomfortable, but it’s necessary. Either way, people can grow apart. It happens and it doesn’t mean that anything is wrong with you. It’s normal to outgrow people and relationships, especially when you’re young. Sometimes people change at different rates and it can be hard to keep up with one another. Here are five signs that you outgrew a relationship.

1. You don’t spend as much time together as you once did and you’re perfectly okay with that. 

While it’s healthy to spend some time apart, there’s a problem when you’re spending weeks apart with no complaints.


2. Your partner’s usual habits begin to annoy you. 

If you notice you and your partner having silly fights about little things (or everything) more often, it may be time to reevaluate.


3. You begin to think about experiencing new things and maybe even new people. 

 It’s not wrong to want to see what else is out there, but make sure that you’re communicating these issues with your partner before acting.


4. You don’t see your partner in your future anymore. 

It’s also important to realize when you feel that someone isn’t going to be around long-term. Maybe you once imagined building and growing with them, but that has faded.


5. You feel that you’ve changed for the worst. 

A relationship should never turn you into someone you don’t recognize. Your partner should encourage you to be the best version of yourself and if that isn’t what’s happening, it may be time to take a step back.


Outgrowing someone is nothing to feel badly about. You shouldn’t feel like you have to apologize to anyone for doing what’s best for you. Personal growth does not always include the people who were once closest to you. Sometimes it means that you have to let go of what you’ve always known. The hardest decisions are often the ones that open doors to the best opportunities in our lives.

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Shelby Nicole Everett -

My name is Shelby and I am a passionate intersectional feminist. My life consists of politics, social justice, activism, body positivity, and writing. I'm a psychology major at Nova Southeastern University. I hope to find myself working to improve the foster care system and/or working to help people struggling with mental illness in the future.

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